The Best Celtic Jewelry For Men

gold presentWhen we think of jewelry, we often think of women only…but today’s men also want to enjoy the intricacy and meaning of Celtic rings and necklaces.

There is no specific type of man who loves wearing jewelry – from the edgy, alternative rocker, who pairs a Celtic Cross pendant with layers of black clothing, to the sophisticated businessman in tailored suits, who chooses a traditional Irish Claddagh Ring…today’s men are as eclectic as the jewelry they wear…

Since Christmas is on the horizon, you may be considering some gift ideas for the men in your life. Jewelry is a personal, unusual choice that really demonstrates your knowledge of another person.

It can also be engraved with a few words that have special meaning for the two of you, or even simple initials. Whether you plan to give jewelry in a platonic or romantic spirit, it can be very memorable and enjoyable.

Here are some tips you can use to decide if buying a special piece of Celtic jewelry, handcrafted in Ireland, is a great gift idea for someone special.

Ask yourself some questions about the recipient…does he wear jewelry now? If he’s been known to rock an earring, a chain around his neck, even woven bracelets…he probably enjoys fashion and likes having a lot of fun accessories to choose from.

Today’s men are comfortable with their masculinity, and they know that wearing jewelry is simply a matter of taste and style.

For a man who loves modern fashion and an eclectic style that mixes influences and eras, consider designs like this for this holiday season:

claddagh menThis classic Claddagh ring may seem like a safe choice, but it is actually very popular with those who enjoy alternative style, such as rock n roll musicians and actors. It can look surprisingly “right” with jeans, T-shirts…even a tattoo.

At the same time, men with conservative style, who enjoy tailored clothes, nice sweaters, and short hairstyles also opt for Claddagh Rings.

To give an indication of the versatility of this ring, consider some famous wearers throughout history – Bono & JFK. Their personal style has nothing in common, but they both made the Claddagh Ring work with their own look.

In 14k, this gold ring is built to last a lifetime, and its symbolism makes it a natural choice (if you’re interested in showing your affection). You can choose white or yellow gold depending on his taste.

In general, a younger man may prefer a white-gold finish, but take a look at what he’s currently wearing and choose the same color.

Another choice for your special guy could be a Celtic Cross pendant. If you know a man who enjoys wearing necklaces, whether layered or alone, this classic motif, which has endured for thousands of years in Celtic culture, can be a meaningful gift idea.

crossThe careful craftsmanship you see here features Trinity Knots, which are a symbol of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Celtic Cross, with its distinctive, ringed center, is evolved from Pagan times, and each point of the cross represents the four directions.

The central ring is thought to be a remnant of Sun worship, passed down from the Druids.

As you can see, there are some great Celtic jewelry options for today’s man. Finding the perfect ring or necklace can be a wonderful way to honor his heritage this Christmas.