Hot Trends In Celtic Jewelry Design

claddagh charmThe best new Celtic jewelry designs bring the past and present together, offering ancient symbols and exquisite craftsmanship.

Today’s designers know that women are looking for something special – a mixture of old and new that retains the best elements of the Celtic metal work tradition, while still staying on-trend with fashion.

We’ve put together a quick look at some of the hottest new Celtic jewelry designs for this season. From romantic engagement rings with delicate interlace, to charm bracelets that offer vibrant color and meaningful symbols – modern Celtic rings, pendants and bracelets truly have it all.

A Chic Charm Bracelet –


Companies like Pandora started a revolution in charm bracelet design, offering a wealth of choice for today’s women.

If you own a Pandora bracelet and want to add some charms that honor your Irish or Celtic heritage, the Tara’s Diary charms will be perfect!

Of course, you can also opt for a full complement of Tara’s Diary charms, on our very own Celtic bracelet, for the most authentic, unforgettable new Celtic look.

This whimsical, romantic mixture of Claddagh symbols (as seen in the charm at the top of the page), spirals, bright enamels, Shamrocks, and so much more will become a conversation piece you are proud to show off. Here’s an example of a popular Shamrock charm women love:

shamrock enamel charm

These charms are collectible, affordable, and a great way to enjoy displaying your Irish pride. As well, they make a perfect gift for any woman who enjoys the fun hobby of adding meaningful charms to an existing bracelet.

The Hottest Celtic Engagement Ring –

blog sapphire 2

Some woman are weary of the expected, plain diamond solitaire, and they find themselves longing for more style and punch.

If you share this desire for intricate detail and bold, unforgettable design, then today’s Irish and Celtic engagement rings may be a perfect choice for you.

You engagement ring should be a reflection of your personal style. If you enjoy standing out, you’ll be proud to wear a modern Celtic ring that mixes sophisticated engraving, embossing, and embellishments with timeless symbols of love and faith. Here’s a show-stopping Celtic engagement ring you’ll never grow tired of:

A stunning Sapphire is a classic, yet original, way of adding color and interest to your engagement ring. This beautiful design is flanked with round diamonds that reflect off the inky blue depths of the precious center stone.

Delicate Celtic interlace has been used to adorn Celtic art since the sixth century, and it offers richness and dimension to this handcrafted ring. Authentic and stylish, you can’t go wrong with this 14k gold design!

The Best Pendant For Fall –

heartMixing today’s hot motifs with the symbols of past eras is the hallmark of today’s Celtic pendants.

Every woman adores heart-shaped jewelry, because it’s romantic, endearing, and, when given as a gift, it always serves as a potent token of affection.

Adding a Trinity Love Knot to the tender heart motif gives new depth and beauty to this pretty, two-toned gold design.

Inside the heart, the Trinity Knot, or Triquetra (a symbol of the Holy Trinity) rests, representing faith and loyalty. Together, the symbols meld beautifully, creating a Celtic pendant which will take on great sentimental value for its wearer.

These are just a few examples of the ways that today’s Celtic artisans are mixing old and new in innovative ways. Collecting a jewelry wardrobe of fine Celtic designs may just become the work of a lifetime…