Affordable Irish Wedding Ideas

irishEveryone wants a beautiful wedding that is memorable, romantic, and meaningful. However, today’s weddings can cost a fortune.

Smart brides and grooms-to-be are always looking for ways to cut expenses without sacrificing quality and charm.

If you’re looking for a traditional Irish wedding that doesn’t break the bank, we can help! There are some fun ways to incorporate little touches of the Emerald Isle into your wedding, and some of them won’t cost too much.

Vows, toasts, verses, and music can add beauty and romance to your nuptials without putting a huge dent in your wedding budget. As well, wedding favors and unique centrepieces can reflect your Irish heritage without breaking the bank.

Also, inexpensive Irish wedding bands and engagement rings can be stunning and amazingly affordable choices for the big day.

Here are some great ways to honor your ancestry on your wedding day – without spending a fortune!

Table Decorations

Instead of pricey flowers at every table, why not celebrate Ireland with candles you decorate yourself?

Taking a simple white taper, or thicker candle, and adding touches of emerald green with decorative motif stencils, can be a wonderful project for a rainy afternoon, and they’ll look fantastic. If you’re artistic, you can paint them freehand.


There are special acrylic paints you can buy to decorate candles, so consider buying some pretty stencils with an Irish flavor – delicate, ornate shamrocks, spirals, or knot work stencils will be subtle and beautiful.

Paint the candles in emerald green, perhaps with a touch of paler green for contrast and place them in simple glass holders you can find anywhere – even a dollar store.

Tie some pretty ribbons (also inexpensive) around the base of the holder, and you’ll have a perfect way to decorate the tables at your reception. Candles you’ve painted and wrapped in tulle “envelopes” can also make great wedding favors for guests.

Be sure to buy a special fixative to seal the design onto the paraffin, and avoid scented candles. The oil from fragrance essences will seep into the paint, spoiling your work.

Verses, Vows and Music

The Irish storytelling tradition come into play here, offering many wonderful options for adding depth and meaning to your wedding. If you love poetry, consider reciting a traditional Irish poem or verse to your bride or groom on your wedding day.

You can also use traditional Irish wedding vows, or special toasts, such as “may the road rise up to meet you…” etc., to inject a little Irish feel into the proceedings.

Music can be a lovely way to honor Ireland. Traditional Irish and Celtic music is lilting, spirited, and often very romantic.


Even the more boisterous “drinking songs” of Ireland will be a big hit during a lively reception. You can hire local Irish musicians, or use a DJ that knows Celtic music. If you’re looking for something more elegant, hire a classical harpist or violinist to play something Irish while you walk down the aisle.

Irish wedding jewelry is a beautiful part of the country’s tradition. You can opt for a classic Claddagh Ring, such as the one shown below. The use of CZ’s and lab-created emeralds makes this showpiece incredibly affordable.


If you prefer a silver finish, a Celtic spiral wedding band (as shown below) will be a perfect choice for you. Life force, the journey through experience, and everlasting love are all celebrated in today’s affordable Irish wedding bands.

celtic spiral ring

Adding a touch of Ireland to your wedding can be very affordable, and it will ensure a memorable, joyous wedding that will become one of your most treasured memories.