A New Claddagh Pendant You’ll Love Wearing

a pendantThis romantic Claddagh pendant puts a new spin on the traditional Irish Claddagh Ring, with its distinctive crowned heart, held by two tiny hands.

The same symbols appear in this 14k gold pendant, embellished with shining emeralds.

Claddagh jewelry is always given in the spirit of love and loyalty – it is a true token of affection. Show your love by giving this feminine, pretty pendant as a gift. Or wear it yourself – it’s a great way to honor your Irish heritage – every day!

This pendant is handcrafted in Ireland itself, by master artisans who honor the ancient traditions. For centuries, the Irish have been renowned for the excellence in metal work, and today’s designs take their cue from the legacies of the past.

The first Claddagh Ring was designed to honor the undying love between a man and a woman – but today’s designs are given in the spirit of friendship as well. Whether this pendant is worn to symbolize romantic or platonic love, it can become a wearable keepsake with great sentimental value.

When choosing this pendant, you can also opt for a matching chain that is also crafted in Ireland, to the highest possible standards.

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