Top Ten Irish Celebrities

shamrockThe Irish have contributed so much to the world. In the realm of the arts, the Irish always shine…some of the world’s most charming, charismatic, and talented actors, musicians, and writers hail from Ireland.

Have a look at the 10 hottest Irish celebs of today and yesteryear…

10.) Sinead O’Connor – Often controversial, Sinead’s mesmerizing vocals have been, at times, overshadowed by her political views.

This gifted singer/songwriter creates songs with many different moods and meanings – however, there is always one thread running through all of her work – passion.

Sinead is always irreverent, rebellious, and phenomenally talented. Some highlights of her career include songs like Troy (from The Lion and The Cobra), Nothing Compares 2 U (written by Prince), and so many more. Her career endures because her talent is so undeniable.

Listen to Troy (live at Pinkpop).

9.) Jonathan Rhys-Meyers – One of today’s hottest actors, Rhys-Myers currently stars on The Tudors, a mini-series that tells the story of King Henry the Eighth (played by Rhys-Meyers) and his romantic travails.

This dramatic depiction of court intrigue has made the actor’s value soar higher than ever. Born in Dublin, this charismatic, handsome actor has also appeared in films such as Velvet Goldmine and Mission Impossible III.

Watch a (steamy!) promo clip from The Tudors.

8.) Colin Farrell – Colin Farrell’s acting career took flight after his performance in Tigerland (2000) became a critical favorite.

Known for his dark good looks, his devilish charm, and his easygoing (but hard-partying) ways, this charismatic Irish actor has also appeared in films such as Spielberg’s Minority Report.

Watch an interview with Colin (about surviving Hollywood!) on Youtube.

7.) Andrea Corr – This beautiful singer rose to fame in 1990, as her Celtic pop-rock band, The Corrs, released their first album.

Joined in the band by her two sisters (Caroline and Sharon), and her brother Jim, Andrea has explored different directions with The Corrs, moving into different genres.

Watch The Corrs perform Breathless, one of their biggest hits.

6.) Cillian Murphy – A truly talented actor with immense range, Cillian is also proudly Irish.

From a stellar performance in the unforgettable 28 Days Later, to his turn as the Scarecrow in Batman Begins…to an understated, compelling role in the science-fiction film, Sunshine…Murphy continues to perfect his craft.

He’s known for his huge blue eyes, and he has a certain, androgynous quality that makes him stand out.

Watch a clip from an interview with Cillian (about the film, The Wind That Shakes The Barley).

5.) Daniel-Day Lewis – While technically of Irish/British citizenship, Day-Lewis will always be linked with Ireland. This intense, sensitive actor digs deep, baring his soul in every part he plays.

He seems to disappear inside his characters, due to his Method-based acting techniques. His most recent film, There Will Be Blood, was a dark psychological journey, like so many of his other films. Other notable cinematic efforts include In The Name Of The Father, and My Left Foot.

Watch Day-Lewis as Christy Brown in a clip from My Left Foot.

4.) Oscar Wilde – Sadly, this brilliant wit is no longer with us, but his facility with quips, cutting remarks, and dry humor live on today, just as though he were still among us.

Wilde was a refined rebel, who paid a heavy price for living the life he wanted to live. He was also a genius who seemed to conjure brilliance as easily as he breathed.

From his novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, to his sufferings in jail, after being convicted of gross indecency…the life and times of Oscar Wilde will always resonate with new generations.

3.) Bono – Of course, no list of Irish celebs would be complete without the presence of U2’s frontman, born Paul David Hewson in 1960.

The intensity and poetry of U2’s early works became the motor that drove the band to become one of rock’s legendary acts.

Bono’s romantic, poetic lyrics are always laced with political messages, and he’s taken his activism to new lengths, joining in the struggle to end hunger in Africa.

Watch With Or Without You on Youtube.

2.) James Joyce – The lauded author of Finnegan’s Wake and Ulysses, Joyce was a writer’s writer, who infused his work with the spirit of the Irish. His attention to detail and facility with dialogue and imagery have made him one of the modern masters of literature. His experiences in his native Dublin colored all of his work, adding a unique dimension to his legacy. James Joyce died in January of 1941.

Check out Ulysses on Amazon.

1.) William Butler Yeats – This masterful Irish poet was born in Dublin, and he went on to write poetry and plays that changed the face of modern prose and verse. From poems such as The Wild Swans At Coole, to plays like Deidre, Yeats’ use of words and imagery often explored the dichotomies of existence, challenging readers and opening their minds.

Explore the world of W.B. Yeats

If you share Irish ancestry with these celebrities, you may wish to show your pride by wearing a delicate, handcrafted diamond Shamrock pendant. The traditions and symbols of Ireland are just one more facet of this fascinating nation, and its achievements.

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