The Best Celtic Pearl Jewelry

pearl-pendantFor centuries, the pearl has been a source of wonder, evoking all the mysteries and languid beauty of the underwater world.

Prized throughout history, lustrous, shimmering pearls seem to catch and hold the rays of light that strike their surface, reflecting an exquisite array of colors.

When used in Celtic jewelry, the natural splendor of pearls can become a stunning design element, one that provides the perfect complement to the resonant symbols which define the culture and history of the British Isles.

Delicate spirals, knot work, and other common motifs add meaning and a touch of mysticism to creamy pearls.

Some of the best Celtic pearl jewelry designs are those where rings, pendants and earrings combine with the spiritual wonder of the classic Trinity Love Knot.

All About The Trinity Knot

The Trinity Knot is an illustration of hope, faith and love. Its design honors the Holy Trinity – the sacred triad of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

When the Celtic people let go of the Druid beliefs, with its roots in Pagan Goddess worship, they embraced Christianity wholeheartedly.

In Pagan times, nature worship and animal symbols, also known as zoomorphic symbols, were prevalent on metal and stone works of art. They also appeared in illuminated texts, such as the seminal Book Of Kells.

From these beginnings, sometime in the sixth century, ornate knot work and Christian symbols became new motifs that were adopted by Celtic artisans.

Among these, the Trinity Knot found its place as one of the most meaningful and ancient designs of the people of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

The Trinity Knot gained ascendancy during the period known as the Insular Art Movement. It became a potent symbol of the Celtic people and their faith in life everlasting.

This devotion to the glory of God and the values laid out in the Scriptures makes the pearl jewelry of today, adorned with delicately crafted Trinity Knots, a perfect choice for collectors.

Some Great Choices For Today

A pretty pearl ring can make a great gift, or a fine way to treat yourself. This classic choice offers handcrafted quality, created in the Emerald Isle itself.

pearl-ringThe Trinity Knot Pearl Ring features a genuine cultured pearl, flanked with two elegant examples of traditional Celtic knot work.

Available in white or yellow gold, this stunning ring will be a joy for any woman to wear.

Another great thing about the pearl ring is that it can be the start of a wonderful collection. You can choose a pendant and earrings to match, building a jewelry wardrobe that is versatile and coordinated. Here’s another piece in the pearl Trinity Knot collection:

pearl-earringsThis set of pearl Trinity Knot earrings would be a wonderful complement to the necklace shown at the top of the page. Drop earrings add a touch of elegance that works for dressy occasions or for a little everyday glamor.

Tiny diamonds help the pretty, teardrop-shaped pearls shine, and lovely Trinity Knots add dimension and richness to the design.

Another excellent choice for pearl Celtic jewelry is this pair of earrings, which offer a touch of romance and sweetness.

heart-earringsThe heart-shaped Trinity Knot motif featured in these earring makes them a wonderful choice for the woman you love.

Any woman will enjoy wearing such a tender, romantic pair of earrings, since they will always remind her of…you.

As you can see, there are a wealth of beautiful choices, all of them celebrating the beauty of the pearl. Investing in pearl Celtic jewelry is the perfect way to start a collection that honors your ancestry.