Irish Vacations – The Beauty Of Dingle Way

tara whorl charmPlanning the perfect Irish vacation can be a pleasure. The natural splendor of the Emerald Isle offers exquisite hiking, sightseeing, and the chance to see some amazing historic landmarks.

One of the most beautiful destinations in Ireland is the famed Dingle Way, where hikers can enjoy gorgeous vistas and centuries-old archaeological wonders.

Hiking in Dingle Bay can be the adventure of a lifetime. This one-of-a-kind trail reveals many different landscapes and evokes so many different emotions.

At 179 km, this extensive trail provides over a week of hiking, revealing glorious, soft fields of heather, perfect seascapes, and rare birds and other forms of wildlife.

Seeing the ancient landmarks, carved of stone and covered in mysterious symbols, can add a sense of magic and resonance to your journey. Some of the historic stone works you will encounter as you hike are 6000 years old.

The spirals and carvings that decorate these stones can also be found on today’s Celtic jewelry designs. Finding a special piece to wear on your journey can be a great starting point. Spirals are thought to symbolize life-force, and they honor the journey through life, death, and spiritual rebirth.

More About Dingle Way

Days spent exploring this glorious stretch of Southwest Ireland can be healthy, inspiring and peaceful. The pristine beauty of the area allows for a truly revitalizing experience.

After a day spent walking and enjoying the region, you can be certain of the warmest hospitality in local bed-and-breakfasts or hotels.

Delightful pub fare, and the ales and spirits Ireland is so well-known for, will be a highlight during pleasant evenings at local watering holes. The people of this area are warm, friendly, and down-to-earth. You can look forward to some amazing memories, on the hiking trail and off.

The Dingle Way begins and ends in Tralee, which is part of County Kerry. The trail circles the Dingle Peninsula. The towns of Tralee and Dingle will provide access to everything you need along the way.

The length and breadth of the hike may require a little training beforehand, to ensure proper endurance and the highest level of enjoyment.

Getting Ready For Your Adventure

If you’re interested in being in tip-top condition for your adventure, you can spend some time before your trip hiking in your hometown, or working out in a gym, so that you are primed and ready for your vacation.

While the majority of the hike is quite easy going, getting around beautiful Mount Brandon will require a little more effort.

About Mount Brandon

This stunning, craggy peak will be a highlight of your journey, offering a glimpse into the past. This mountain was named for Saint Brendon, who was believed to be the first to reach its summit. Mount Brandon is 3,051 feet high.

Ancient Landmarks Along The Dingle Way

Ogham Stones – These standing stones are relics of Ireland’s past, dating back to the Mesolithic period. These ancient landmarks often feature careful carvings and symbols.

Beehive Huts – These huts are comprised of piles of stones, formed into a “beehive” shape. They are also known as ringforts, and their provenance dates back 4000 years.

As you can see, the beauty of Dingle Way will provide the vacation of a lifetime. Walking this historic circuit will provide memories that last forever.

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