Irish and Celtic Festival News For Fall

claddagh charmThis fall, a couple of amazing festivals are coming up in Canada and the United States. They feature lively song and dance, activities for people of all ages, and the hospitality and food and drink that Ireland is known for.

If you’ve never attended a real Irish festival, you are missing out. These wonderful events are designed to make socializing with people who share your heritage as pleasant as possible.

People come to these events in order to mingle and enjoy some traditional (and some very modern) entertainment.

Often, an Irish festival can be a great reason for a trip, but sometimes, you will be lucky enough to find one in your area. If you live in scenic Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (Canada), you will enjoy the great festival heading your way.

If you live in Pittsburgh, USA, you will also be lucky enough to enjoy an Irish get-together right in your home town.

If you don’t live close to an upcoming Irish festival, it’s well worth some travelling to experience one of these events – people who have attended Irish festivals in the past often schedule them in every year afterwards.

Even if your trip to Cape Breton or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a one-time thing, you can treasure all the good memories you’ll come home with – photos, Celtic arts and crafts, and video of exemplary music and dance.

Festival Details For Fall

The first festival we’re going to look at is the Cape Breton Celtic Colours Festival, which will run from October 9-17, 2009.

This festival is a showcase for some amazing Celtic talent, and this year’s focus will feature a touching tribute to the late, great Cape Breton fiddler, Jerry Holland, who fought valiantly against cancer, but passed away.

In his honor, the Festival is holding a special tribute to him on October 17th, full of music that evokes his spirit and honors his talent and his commitment to the community.

Other activities at the festival include guided walks and bike tours of beautiful Cape Breton, pancake breakfasts, a chowder night, and a Celtic quilting workshop.

There is something for everyone at this unique festival. Try something new and visit the Celtic Colors event this year in Nova Scotia.

While enjoying a real Celtic festival, why not enter into the spirit of things by wearing some authentic Celtic jewelry to the event itself. You can choose a delicate Ribbon of Life pendant, which features a distinctive Trinity Knot (symbolizing The Holy Trinity).

two tone ribbon of life

This feminine choice is the perfect way to celebrate an upcoming event, and it will remain a favorite long after you return.

It’s also available in a variety of finishes, so you can find the look that is just right for you.

Now, let’s have a look at the great event coming up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this fall.

The Pittsburgh Irish Festival (at the Riverplex) is being held from September 11-13, 2009. Feature act, the Celtic Scythian, will thrill crowds on the main stage, along with many other brilliant artists who will display their artistry through Celtic dance and musical performances.

Fun nights at the Michael Collins Irish Whiskey Pub are just one way to meet new people and enjoy yourself. You can also attend workshops about almost anything Irish – from Irish dance to Irish dogs! Give this festival a try this year, you’ll be glad you did.