The Celtic Spiral In Today’s Jewelry

spiralThe spiral is a powerful, recurrent symbol in Celtic culture. Its provenance can be traced back to the sixth century. But what does it really mean?

The mysteries of the curving, gentle lines of the Celtic whorl, or spiral, are a source of fascination for historians and laymen alike.

Over the centuries, this powerful, mystical symbol has been studied and, in time, its secrets have been revealed.

The spiral is related to life-force and to the journey of birth, death, and spiritual resurrection that is a tenet of the Christian faith. From its roots in the days of the Druids, the circular design has evolved, carrying with it a message of undying faith in the Divine Being.

One of the most notable placements for the spiral is at the gate of Newgrange, in Ireland, where a series of triskeles (triple spirals) decorate the entrance. This passage-tomb is one of Ireland’s most well-known ancient landmarks.

ArdaghSpirals also appear on the famed Ardagh Chalice, an Irish war treasure. On this seminal piece, warrior shield symbols and spirals are used to represent eternity and the courage of those who fought for their country.

The Spiral Today

Today, the spiral is utilized as a principal design feature on Celtic necklaces, Celtic bracelets, and wedding rings and bands. The hidden meaning of the whorl adds depth and richness to handcrafted pieces, made by master artisans in the Emerald Isle.

Great Choices For Today

We’ve put together a list of fantastic choices so you can get a sense of the spiral as it appears on modern jewelry. You’ll enjoy seeing the expert craftsmanship on these pretty pieces, all of them created in Ireland.

The exquisite, painstaking attention to detail you’ll notice on Celtic jewelry is a testament to thousands of years of masterful Celtic art and metal work.

We hope you enjoy checking out these amazing designs, all inspired by the magic of the classic, Celtic spiral.

Our first piece is part of the new, Tara’s Diary Charm Bracelet collection. This Celtic Spiral Charm features a row of gentle whorls crafted from sterling silver.


This pretty charm can be the start of a great new collection, when combined with the Tara’s Diary bracelet. It can also be added to a Pandora’s bracelet.

If you know someone who has a charm bracelet or would enjoy owning one, this can be a great gift idea.

Our next ring is a wonderful option for your wedding day. This Celtic Spiral Ladies Wedding Band is as affordable as it is beautiful.

celtic-silver-ringThis band offers more ornate style than the expected, plain band. Honor your Celtic heritage with pretty rows of spirals that are connected and never-ending.

Crafted of fine sterling silver, this band helps you keep your wedding budget under control without sacrificing the beauty you want so much.

As you can see, the spiral still plays its role in Celtic art, culture, and design. By choosing a piece of jewelry engraved with tender whorls, you can capture a timeless symbol of eternity that also honors your own ancestry.