All About The Tara’s Diary Charm Bracelet

claddagh-charm2A Tara’s Diary charm bracelet carries with it a series of symbols that mark the passage of time and all the meaningful milestones of life.

With the Tara’s Diary Charm Bracelet, moments can be remembered with a series of Celtic charms that also honor your heritage.

Meaningful symbols and exquisite enamels combine to create a unique object of beauty that can change and evolve over time.

The first Tara’s Diary bracelet was created as a special reminder of life’s most poignant moments.

Charms were created to honor the moments in life that should never be forgotten. Delicate, sterling silver talismans representing a new baby, romantic declarations of love, and other important times in a woman’s life can become objects of great sentimental value.

If you are of Celtic heritage, you’ll find the symbols and patterns engraved into the Tara’s Diary Charm bracelet evocative. These designs are crafted to the highest possible standards of quality.

Charming patterns such as Celtic spirals and Trinity Love Knots offer a touch of ancient meaning to a very modern jewelry design. This mixture of past and present creates something totally new that any woman will be proud to show off.

Another fun fact about the Tara’s Diary Charm Bracelet is that its charms are compatible with the Pandora’s bracelet.

If you already own a bracelet from Pandora that you enjoy collecting charms for, you can add a few special pieces from the Tara’s Diary line to the bracelet you already have.

Choosing a Celtic charm or two is a great way to add even more individual style to your current bracelet. Part of the fun of collecting charms is finding the most unique, unusual ones you can.

With these whimsical, romantic Celtic charms, you can enjoy something out of the ordinary.

Some common symbols that appear on Tara’s Diary charms are tenderly crafted shamrocks, swirling spirals, and Celtic crosses. Here is a quick guide to some of the designs you’ll notice on our new collection of charms.

Shamrocks – This powerful symbol of Ireland and its Christian tradition is rooted in the work of the Emerald Isle’s patron saint.

Saint Patrick used the three leaves of this gentle green plant to represent the presence of God in the natural world. Each of its leaves was meant to illustrate the Holy Trinity – The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

If you believe in the sanctity of God, and everything He represents, this charm will hold special meaning for you.

Spirals – Celtic whorls, or spirals, are a symbol of life force and eternity. From the center, curving lines emanate outwards, tracing the journey through life.

The passage of time, from birth to death and spiritual rebirth is symbolized in every careful circle, each connected to another. You will find solace and faith in the ancient spiral and all it illustrates.

Claddagh Symbols – Used to inspire devotion and romantic love, the first Claddagh Ring was a gift that became a legendary part of Ireland’s rich storytelling tradition.

The best way to experience all the wonders of Tara’s Diary is by beginning your own collection of sterling silver charms.

The process of selecting the pieces that make you happiest will also provide great insight into the cultural traditions of your Celtic ancestors.