Show You Care With Trinity Love Knots

colors of irelandThe beautiful legacy of the classic Trinity Love Knot has its roots in Celtic spirituality and mythology. The mystical lines of the Trinity Knot trace the pathways of the Celtic people along their journey toward Christian ideals.

Each segment of the trefoil design pays homage to The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. The gentle, curving lines of the Trinity Knot, or Triquetra, are an enduring symbol of faith that lasts forever. In matters of romance, nothing could be more appropriate or touching.

Showing your love with this ancient symbol of devotion can be easy when you opt for a piece of exquisite jewelry, handcrafted in Ireland itself. Rings, pendants, and Celtic rings all offer a taste of the unique cultural history of the people of the British Isles.

Trinity Knots In Celtic History

The first Trinity Knots appeared in the 6th century B.C., when artisans carved them into stone and metal works. This era, known as the Insular Art movement, gave rise to some of the greatest treasures of the Irish, Scottish, and Welsh people.

There are also special Carolingian crosses that incorporate the Triquetra. The Carolingian cross is comprised of four separate Triquetras which form a sacred shape that symbolizes everlasting faith. This cross dates back to the seventh century.

Trinity Love Knots give some insight into the strong Christian traditions that emerged in Celtic lands after the Pagan beliefs of the Druids were replaced by a new religion.

This new devotion to Christ is a key element in many Celtic symbols, which often celebrate the journey of birth, death and rebirth. An abiding interest in the eternal is an important facet of Celtic symbolism.

Today’s Jewelry Designs And The Triquetra

Today’s jewelry designs feature Trinity Love Knots that are carefully crafted out of gold or silver. Often, they flank solitaire diamonds, rubies, or emeralds, offering a touch of ornate beauty to Celtic engagement rings.

Finding jewelry that offers all the enduring meaning of the Trinity Love Knot is easy. Many women prefer to choose wedding bands graced with the design, in order to celebrate their Celtic heritage on their special day.

For a unique ring that celebrates Celtic heritage, the Triquetra wedding band can be a perfect choice.

Matching wedding bands are also a romantic way to take advantage of the spirit of this symbol. Couples who opt for matching bands can enjoy the themes of faithfulness and undying love that they represent so perfectly.

For a Celtic pendant that really adds beauty and grace to a lovely white wedding dress, the pearl drop Trinity Love Knot necklace is perfect.

A lustrous, creamy cultured pearl in a romantic teardrop shape is gently suspended from a pretty Trinity Knot setting. This necklace is a popular choice for brides on their wedding day.

If you like the color and glamor of gemstones, you can indulge your passion for amethysts or affordable, created emeralds by choosing a pretty Celtic pendant that features one of these gems.

Fashioned in the same style as the pearl pendant mentioned above, these gemstone necklaces are a wonderful choice for any dressy occasion, and yet they are casual enough to work with more relaxed attire.

As you can see, Celtic jewelry that features the Trinity Knot is as meaningful and special as the symbol itself. Choosing an heirloom-quality piece can be the start of a wonderful collection.