Claddagh Jewelry – The Ultimate Token of Affection

claddagh gold bandThe Claddagh ring is a uniquely Irish symbol of affection, given in the spirit of friendship or romantic ardor. From the very first Claddagh ring, with its two tiny hands, gently holding onto a crowned heart, to the modern Claddagh-inspired rings, pendants, and earrings of today, the legacy lives on…

The symbols of the Claddagh are inherently meaningful. The crowned heart is an illustration of loyalty in love. The hands that hold it close are tenderly offering it to the ring’s wearer.

If you’ve given your heart to a special man or woman, or wish to honor a friendship that matters to you, giving a piece of traditional Claddagh jewelry can be the perfect expression of warm feelings and sincere affection.

The spirit of courtly love is alive in the Claddagh ring. In our modern, busy world, where speed-dating and reality television have replaced poetry and the fine art of wooing another person, the rituals of yesteryear can provide much romance and solace to a loved one.

Take a step back in time by choosing a traditional Irish Claddagh Ring as a gift for the object of your affections.

If you are considering giving a stunning, solitaire diamond Claddagh engagement ring to the woman you love, you can be assured of the most romantic proposal possible.

Adding in little elements of the Claddagh story can give more depth and meaning to one of the most memorable moments of your life together.

The Claddagh Story

The first Claddagh ring was made to honor the commitment between an Irish fisherman and his love, Margaret. They were separated from one another when he was away at sea and kidnapped.

After the fisherman, whose name was Richard Joyce, was forced into slavery at a goldsmith’s in Moorish lands, he refused to give up on his one true love.

Margaret felt just the same, waiting for him in their native Galway. Years later, he was released at last, and he hurried home to her, carrying along with him the very first Claddagh ring, which she wore for the rest of her life.

Now that you know the story of the first Claddagh Ring, you can see how its telling can enhance a proposal. Adding a touch of Irish romance is also possible for birthdays, anniversaries, and even no occasion at all.

Any time that affection is genuine is the right time for a gift of Claddagh jewelry.

Today’s Designs

The best new Claddagh jewelry uses the same principles of craftsmanship that the artisans of centuries ago employed to make their works of art.

By selecting a Claddagh ring, pendant, or earrings handmade and stamped in Ireland, you can be assured of true authenticity.

You can choose more modern design elements on pendants and earring that take the classic, traditional symbols and use them in different ways.

Celtic wedding rings, mother’s pendants, and Celtic rings embellished with jewels and Claddagh symbols are great ways of bring the timeless spirit of the Claddagh alive in a new way.

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