Celtic Jewelry – Building The Perfect Collection

gold celtic ringThere are many different ways to build a Celtic jewelry collection. If you’re interested in the symbols and lore of your ancestors, you may enjoy finding out how to create a collection that really embodies all the spiritual faith and ancient symbolism of the Celts.

We can help you build the perfect collection, from classic to eclectic. Whether you choose pieces with a range of symbols that evoke different meanings, or prefer to find a theme of motifs that appear in your rings, pendants and earrings, you can be assured of a grouping that is beautiful, meaningful, and handcrafted to last a lifetime.

Here are some great options for Celtic jewelry collections that reflect your personal style. Simply choose which style type suits you best, and have a look at the gorgeous Celtic rings and earrings we’re so proud to display here.

If you’re shopping for jewelry for a special woman, have a look and see which style type she seems to be – it will help you find the perfect gift for her.

Classic – Women with classic style will appreciate tailored clothes, subtle accessories, and subdued hair and makeup. Stars from the golden age of Old Hollywood, such as Katherine Hepburn, will be style icons for this sort of woman.

This type will not want to wear anything too bold or flashy. By choosing delicate pieces with refined details, the woman with classic style can build a collection that feels just right for her. Here are some fine choices for classic Celtic jewelry that is truly sophisticated:

gold-celtic-ringThis beautiful, slender gold Celtic ring has everything the classic woman needs. Delicate knot work (also known as interlace) runs along the top of the band, creating an ornate, latticework effect.

Three tiny diamonds continue the Trinity Knot theme, adding subtle glimmer to the piece.

To go with the ring above, the classic woman should consider a pretty pendant that complements her Trinity Knot band.

A great choice would be a Celtic Cross pendant that incorporates the same design elements.

crossThis stunning pendant plays up the beauty of the traditional, ringed Celtic Cross. By using interlace, it adds a sense of sophistication to the four arms of the cross itself. A pretty emerald shines from the center, and its distinctive ring is inlaid with shimmering, icy-white diamonds.

These two pieces will go together well. The woman who enjoys classic style with refined taste will enjoy this collection, and may come to wear both pieces every day.

Eclectic –

cz-ringIf you enjoy trendy, bold style that is fun and youthful (at any age!), you will enjoy pieces that share this same spirit. Today’s Claddagh Rings are a great starting point for an eclectic Celtic jewelry collection.

Claddagh rings are worn by politicians, rock stars (Bono of U2 has been photographed wearing one), and the ring itself was even featured on Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

This bright, cheery version of a classic Claddagh Ring is bold, trendy, and surprisingly affordable. CZ diamonds give this Claddagh Ring a touch of “bling” that makes it a standout.

To go with your modern Claddagh Ring, consider some fun earrings.

emerald-earringsThese Trinity Knot earrings will look great with your Claddagh Ring. The emeralds are the unifying theme here. These bold earrings honor the Holy Trinity with real style.

You’ll love wearing these earrings, because they really stand out – they are a fun choice for the eclectic woman. As well, they’ll go with any of the original outfits you decide to put on.

As you can see, starting a Celtic jewelry collection is a great way to enhance your personal style. Start your own jewelry wardrobe today.