Tara’s Diary – Add Some Celtic Charm To Your Life

bracelet2Our new charm bracelet evokes the wonders of the Celtic people. The Tara’s Diary bracelet is a wonderful way to display your pride in your ancestry. It’s also a beautiful complement to casual wear and dressier attire.

When you choose the charms for your bracelet, you can get creative! We’ve selected a whole complement of pretty charms in a variety of different shapes and finishes. The use of bright, shiny enamels in fun colors adds a touch of color to sterling silver charms.

A mixture of colors and shapes makes for the most interesting effect. Box charms, dangling charms, and round and oval shapes provide three-dimensional beauty to the Tara’s Diary bracelet.

One of the best things about our new charms is their versatility. They can be added to an existing Pandora bracelet. Or, if you prefer, you can begin a brand-new bracelet by choosing the Tara’s Diary silver bracelet, with its secure clasp.

We’d love to show you how amazing these new charms are. We’ve created a top five list of the best starter charms for your new (or current) bracelet. Have a look and get an idea of how much fun it will be to collect these charms.

If you’re looking for a great gift idea that allows you to continue adding charms for special occasions, the Tara’s Diary bracelet will be perfect. Whether you are looking for a special gift for a little girl, or a grown woman, this charming piece of jewelry will fit the bill.

Our bracelet is made to the highest standards of quality, in Ireland itself. Every charm is crafted from sterling silver, and each piece utilizes the symbols of Celtic art and history to create a meaningful assortment of Trinity Knots, Shamrocks, and other popular motifs.

Here is our top five list of the most appealing charms for your new Tara’s Diary charm bracelet:

5. Shamrock Charm

shamrock-enamel-charm2This lovely Shamrock charm is available in blue or green enamel. The Shamrock is carefully rendered with delicate, heart-shaped leaves.

This enduring symbol of the Irish people symbolizes the Holy Trinity.

4. Trinity Knot Charm

trinity-knot-charmAlso available in blue or green enamel, the delicate Trinity Knot charm represents the spiritual faith of the Celtic people.

The Trinity Knot has been a potent symbol of belief since the 6th century. Its three points represent The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

3. Celtic Cross And Spiral Charm

The Celtic Cross and Spiral Charm combines three popular symbols to create a stunning showpiece.

The Cross is set with a Trinity Knot, and the curving spirals represent life force and the spiritual and physical journey through existence.

2. Pacifier And Celtic Knot Charm

pacifier-charm The pacifier and Celtic knot charm is the perfect way to celebrate the birth of a new baby, or simply to honor the beauty of motherhood. The tiny silver pacifier hangs from a round charm engraved with Trinity Knots.

1. Glass With Blue Stripe Charm

blue-charmInterspersing colorful charms and sterling silver charms is a great way to get the most impact out of your Tara’s Diary bracelet.

This gorgeous, blue glass charm is a perfect way to tie everything together. It features the words, “Tara’s Diary” and also offers a beautiful combination of peaceful blue tones to add dimension to your bracelet.

As you can see, this stunning charms will be a joy to collect. Choose a starter bracelet and begin adding your favorites – today!