The Perfect Celtic Charms For Special Occasions

shamrock-charm1The special occasions that come around each year are a welcome break from the busy pace of everyday life. They provide us with a sense of joy and magic and give us something to look forward to.

Why not celebrate those special moments with a beautiful charm bracelet that features meaningful charms that mark special occasions?

The Tara’s Diary Charm Bracelet has everything you need to create an heirloom that serves as a visual retelling of your own personal life story.

Much like a scrapbook or photo album, the Tara’s Diary Charm Bracelet provides a beautiful sense of perspective and meaning.

It becomes so easy to remember and honor important moments when you only need to look down at your own wrist! It can also be a very special gift for your mother, sister, daughter or friend.

If you are considering a Tara’s Diary bracelet for yourself or a loved one, we can help you get started by showing you some charms that correspond beautifully with some special occasions.

Here are some lovely charms that will become a treasured part of your Tara’s Diary bracelet:

Charms By Special Occasions

For example, one excellent way to honor an engagement or marriage is the Tara’s Diary Square Bead “I Love You Charm”.


This pretty design combines the most romantic declaration of love with a classic Trinity Love Knot – a timeless symbol of devotion.

Celtic Trinity Knots are also known as triquetras – they are used to symbolize the Holy Trinity.

To honor the birth of a precious baby, the Kid’s Boot and Celtic Knot Charm will be perfect. A tenderly craft baby bootie represents the wonders of motherhood.

This would also make a lovely gift for Mother’s Day, or to celebrate a child’s birthday.

kids-boot-charmAs you can see, much care is put into the tiny details that make this charm so appealing.

Engraved Trinity Knots decorate the charm’s surface, and the little shoe features a shining emerald, set into gold.

For Saint Patrick’s Day, nothing could be lovelier or more appropriate than the Shamrock and Spiral Charm, with its gleaming, deep-green emerald center.

The soft, curving lines of each of the Shamrock’s three leaves represents spiritual faith and love. Much like the Trinity Knot, the Shamrock was used (by Saint Patrick) to show the presence of God in the world all around us.

shamrock-charmAdding even more intricacy and beauty to this signature piece is the strong, bold lines of the Celtic spirals carved into the charm itself.

These spirals are meant to represent the journey of body and soul through life, death, and spiritual rebirth.

These three charms are just a sample of all the wonders the Tara’s Diary Charm Bracelet offers to today’s woman.

Whether you choose to select a group of charms at one time, or add on special pieces to help you celebrate special occasions, you will be charmed and dazzled by all the hidden meanings and significance of the designs.

Take a few moments to browse our selection of charms and see how many different options there are. Whatever you choose, you can look forward to a fun and exciting journey into Celtic culture – and amazing jewelry design.