Tara’s Diary Celtic Charm Bracelet: Launching July16th

charm-bracelet(At the end of this post you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for a special discount for the Tara’s Diary bracelet)

We at Irish Celtic Jewels are very proud to introduce an exceptional new piece of jewelry to our customers. The Tara’s Diary Charm Bracelet evokes the very best in Celtic symbolism – in a new and modern way.

This charm bracelet is a meaningful, and very beautiful, way to show your pride in your Celtic heritage. It also makes a wonderful gift.

By collecting charms that go with the basic bracelet, you can customize your piece of jewelry according to your own tastes.

The time-honored symbols of Celtic art and history appear in joyful abundance here. The spirals, Trinity Knots, and Claddagh symbols that have been passed on for thousands of years still carry a powerful legacy.

Little touches of color, through the use of exquisite cloisonne and enamelling, add visual interest and vibrancy to the individual charms.


This bracelet offers an opportunity to learn more about the meaning of Celtic symbols – it is a charming way to experience the touching symbols of faith, love and loyalty that have appeared since the sixth century.

In the sixth century (B.C.), the master artisans of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales began to incorporate a series of symbols into metal work, Celtic crosses, and illuminated texts.

Some premier examples of the Insular Art Movement include the Book Of Kells, The Tara Brooch, and The Ardagh Chalice.

Throughout history, the master craftsmen of the British Isles were world-renowned for creating stunning artworks out of precious metals. Today, the artisans of Ireland continue to honor the old traditions, adding modern flair to the ancient symbols.

The Tara’s Diary charm bracelet is the newest example of the melding of ancient and modern. Starting your own bracelet is easy and fun to do. You simply choose the basic bracelet, and find the charms you like most.

tarm-on-wrist-03Whether your bracelet has one charm or many, you will enjoy the process of creating and wearing your bracelet. Special occasions can become wonderful reasons to add yet another pretty charm.

Your bracelet will be crafted to the highest standards of quality. Each charm will have its very own meaning. If you choose a charm with curving whorls (spirals), you will be opting for a symbol of life-force, which represents the endless, enriching journey of body, mind and spirit.


Selecting a charm with delicate, carefully crafted Trinity Knots will be a vivid expression of spiritual faith. The Trinity Knot is an illustration of the Holy Trinity. It represents the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.


Taking time to understand the meanings of whichever charms you choose will be an excellent way to connect with the legends, traditions, and folklore of your Celtic ancestors.

The tender, romantic symbols of the Irish Claddagh also decorate the charms of our Tara’s Diary bracelet. The tiny hands, which gently clasp a crowned heart, are meant to symbolize love everlasting. You bracelet will be imbued with the spirit of loyalty, faithfulness, and affection.

As you can see, we have good reason to be so excited about the Tara’s Diary Charm Bracelet. Take a moment to watch our video and learn more about this exquisite new piece of jewelry.

Watch this video about the our new Tara’s Diary Celtic charm bracelet and then click here to enter your email address >>, and claim your special discount. PLEASE NOTE: this discount offer expires on July 26h, 2009. You can still enter your email address after this date, and I’ll keep you informed about the release of new Tara’s Diary beads.

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click here to enter your email address >>, and claim your special discount. PLEASE NOTE: this discount offer expires on July 26h, 2009. You can still enter your email address after this date, and I’ll keep you informed about the release of new Tara’s Diary beads.

57 thoughts on “Tara’s Diary Celtic Charm Bracelet: Launching July16th

    1. Hi Fiona, yes they fit on a Pandora´s bracelet except for the birthstone one. That´s the really great thing about these celtic charms: you can get one or two to add to your existing Pandora´s collection.

  1. Jonathan, unfortunately we don’t do any wholesale. You’d need to order through the website, with the current prices. Sorry.

    1. Hi Rick, the coupon ran out on July 26th. Let me know if you decide to purchase from the site and I’ll send you a new 10% discount. Cheers. Leigh

  2. Could I get a 10% discount?? I’d like to purchase two of them for my daughters for Christmas…

  3. Sure Deb! You can use this coupon: deb10, but please note this coupon will expire on November 10th. Let me know if you’ve any questions on this. Cheers. Leigh.

  4. I would a discount as well to purchase your beads for my daughter Tara for christmas. May I have a discount?

    1. No problem Karen. Here’s a discount coupon code for 10% off the Tara’s Diary bracelet and charms: tara24. Please note: it will expire on December 2nd.

  5. I bought myself one of the Tara’s Diary charms in New Hope, PA. I would like to buy them for my sons’ girlfriends. Are you still running a discount?

  6. Hi…my husband purchased the claddagh bead for me as well as a pandora bracelet that is WAY too big so I am returning but I love the Tara’s diary beads…wondering if the necklace and bracelets from Tara’s will take Troll and Pandora beads…I know your beads fit on their bracelets, just wondered if it was the other way around as well!! Thanks!

  7. Hi, My husband bought me a Tara’s Diary braclet for Christmas and I absolutely love it. Well done on creating a fab product. Orla

  8. Do you have any discounts available? If possible, could you please provide a discount code? I love your charms, and want to purchase several for my wife and neice. Thanks!

  9. Hello Leigh, I bought a Tara Diary bracelet from one of your stores and following the store assistant telling me the Pandora charms fit it I bought several Pandoar charms only to find that they do not fit the Tara Diary bracelet. But the Tara diary charms do fit the Pandora bracelet. What come back will I have here? I still have proof of purchase.

    1. Hi Karen, I’m sorry to hear that this has happened to you, but I just want to clarify, we don’t have any association with any other store, online or offline. We are a retailer only. You would need to take this up with the store that you bought the charms.

      What I will do for you is contact the manufacturer of the Tara’s Diary bracelet, and query this with them. They had indicated to me before that Pandora charms do fit on the Tara’s bracelet, so this confuses me too. Maybe they know a way of getting them on.

      1. Just to clarify: the Tara’s Diary charms will fit on the Pandora’s bracelet, but the Pandora charms will NOT fit on the Tara bracelet. Also, just to be sure, I’d suggest trying the charms on the bracelet before buying. There’s so many charms, it’s difficult to be sure that all the Pandora (or any other type of beads e.g. troll beads) charms will fit on the Tara’s bracelet. I hope this helps.

  10. hi, i would love to buy one of these tara bracelets for myself 🙂
    just because my name is tara and they are gorgeous!
    any discount?

  11. My husband recently bought the Tara’s Diary bracelet from “Celtica” in New Haven,CT where we vacationed.
    I was able to pick out the birthstone charms of my 3 kids,as well as a few others I couldn’t resist!!
    I absolutely LOVE it!! Well done!

  12. I am turning 40 and i would like to see the full collection of charms are there many? Are they sterling silver. Any discount, I wont be buying them untill the end of may or 2nd week in june.

  13. Hi Leigh,

    I have been looking at your Tara’s Diary Celtic Bracelet. I getting ready to celebrate my 60th birthday and what better way to honor myself by buying at least some of the charms and perhaps the bracelet. I also understand that the charms will fit the Pandora charm bracelet. I saw that you have been giving 10% discount coupons. If you can I would love one.

    Thank you and what better way to honor, celebrate my own Irish heritage. Thank you.

    1. Hi Kathleen, you can use this coupon code: kathleen121. It will be expire on June 10th, 2010. Let me know if you’ve any questions.

  14. Hi Leigh.
    I have bought the Tara’s Diary Bracelet and most of the charms, I asked in the jewellers about buying the Tara’s Diary box for holding all the charms and they said it is not possible to buy it, i asked them would they get onto the manuf. and see if this is possible. Any chance this will be made available, it is a beautiful box wtih the name on it, please let me know. Thanks Tara Mc Namara

    1. Hi Tara, I’ve spoken to the manufacturer. Unfortunately, it’s not something they plan to sell. It’s for in-store display purposes only. Sorry.

  15. I will be visiting Ireland in July. I am hoping to buy at least 5 Celtic charms for family members (and myself) as gifts. Are they sold in shops in Dublin? By the way, one is for Shannon and another is for Erin!

  16. Just want to offer some clarification on the different braclets. The troll braclet will hold all the different type of beads currently available in the US including the new Spanish line just becoming available. Tara’s Diary Beads are my personal favorite and I have a troll braclet and clasp that started my collection. My first and beads that mean the most are the Tara’s.

  17. I have purchased a Zable bead bracelet here in the USA. Do you know if your Tara’s Diary beads will fit onto this specific bracelet? I am hoping so.

  18. Dee: Thanks so much for the clarification on this. I’m so glad you like the Tara’s diary beads.

    Eileen and Traci: I’m sorry but I’m not familiar with either the Brighton or Zable bead bracelet. I can’t be sure if the Tara’s beads will fit on them. There’s so many types of bracelets and hundreds, if not thousands of beads, that it nearly impossible to keep track of this.

  19. I purchased a bracelet for my daughter’s birthday–she loves it. My main concern is, since my daughter lives alone, is taking off the bracelet. Even when I took it off for her, I chipped my nails; I’m foreseeing a problem for someone who lives alone. Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone have a solution?

  20. Hi Nancy,

    Sorry to hear about your nails! The manufacturer is aware of this issue and they are currently working on a new charm that will aid in opening the catch. They’re hoping to have a prototype by December, so it should be available from January. As soon as it’s available in our store, I’ll update you here on this page.


  21. Hi I saw the previous question about the brighton bracelet. I was wondering if you were able to find out if Tara beads fit, since that post was in September. Thanks very much.


  22. I would love to purchase a bunch of beads. Can I please have a discount code if they are available?

  23. Good Morning – I saw your beads at an Irish gift shop on Mackinaw Island – beautiful. Would like to purchase a few for Christmas – may I also have a discount?

  24. Hi

    I have just come across this range and was just about to buy a pandora braclet for my wife for christmas but Tara’s are much more appealing and I have defo changed my mind, is there any discounts for purchase.

  25. Hi, How can I access the inventory of charms I already have? My charms are purchased from the Irish Centre Spring Lake NJ. Probably registered ubder jack mcKelvey thats who purchases my charms. Thank you, Martha

  26. Hi, I am from Singapore and I wonder if you deliver to Singapore. I like the blue glass charm with the flowers. How much is it pls? Any discount?

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