Silver Celtic Jewelry – An Affordable Choice For Today

ribbon-of-lifeGiving a gift of beautiful, handcrafted jewelry is always a great option for special occasions (or no occasion at all). However, the high cost of gold can be a deterrent in tough economic times.

Luckily, stunning Celtic jewelry designs in fine silver can provide all the artistry and symbolism of gold Celtic pieces – for a reasonable price.

Silver is a modern choice as well. Many women today actually prefer the sleek, cool tones of silver over traditional 14k gold.

By offering someone you care about a silver ring, pendant, or earrings, you can be certain of giving them a versatile piece they will enjoy wearing with anything.

Choosing the right piece of silver Celtic jewelry can be somewhat challenging, because there are so many amazing options.

We’ve put together a guide to the best silver designs for this season. We’ve also included an overview that explains the meanings and lore connected to the symbols you’ll see on each design.

When you choose a silver Celtic necklace or ring, you don’t need to worry about quality. These designs are crafted to the highest possible standards, and assayed (stamped) at Dublin Castle.

The centuries-old tradition of exquisite Celtic metal work remains a proud one for today’s artisans, who reference the ancient methods and symbols every time they create a new piece of jewelry.

Here is our guide to some practical, affordable (and lovely) options for silver Celtic jewelry:

The Ribbon Of Life Pendant – This is one the prettiest pendants you will ever find! The soft, curving lines of the Ribbon Of Life flank a delicate Trinity Knot. The ribbon motif is decorated with a shining row of shimmering diamonds.

In Celtic art and history, each point of the trefoil, or Trinity Knot, represents The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. By choosing this pendant, you will embrace the tradition of spiritual faith that has dominated Celtic lore and art for thousands of years.

Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot Pendant – Another great example of the delicate Trinity Knot can be found in this gorgeous silver pendant. This time, a lustrous, creamy cultured pearl glimmers below a Trinity Knot setting. This pendant comes with a finely wrought silver chain.

If you enjoy collecting pieces that coordinate, you’ll be pleased to know that matching earrings and a matching ring are also available in this style. These designs give the look of white gold without the sticker shock. They are timeless and beautiful, but affordable.

Silver Claddagh Pendant – This inexpensive silver Claddagh pendant offers all the romance and charm of a traditional Irish Claddagh Ring. The very first Claddagh Ring was created as a symbol of timeless devotion and undying love. Today, Claddagh rings can be romantic gifts, or simply heartfelt tokens of affection.

Modern jewelry designers have adapted the distinctive crowned heart and tiny hands of the Claddagh ring for silver pendants. This is a great and affordable way to enjoy the spirit and romance of Ireland.

If you enjoy timeless Irish and Celtic jewelry designs, with all their charm and meaning, then silver pieces that are affordable may allow you to get more for your money.

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  1. I would like to buy a silver or silver-toned Claddagh ring for around $20-25.Do you have one available?I’m not sure I’m a size 8 or 9.Could I use a tape measure around a ring I have & tell you in inches & then you’d know what size I am?I’ll measure it now:about`3 & 1/8 inches.Would you do mail order with a postal money order or could I call with a credit card?I am a woman & would like a fairly thin band & no stones:something simple but not a band with an engraved claddagh on it.Do you know what I mean?What would be the total cost & in that price range what would the metal or alloy be?(the jeweler where I live has a catalog with claddagh rings which are sterling silver from $20-30 but the biggest size is an 8 & I think I’m a 9)Thank you very much. Morgana

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