The Most Romantic Irish Wedding and Engagement Rings

blog-ring-32Every woman wants a wedding ring that evokes all the romantic feelings in her heart. Her special ring is a symbol of everything she feels for you and of her undying commitment to you.

Show her how much it all means to you by giving her a romantic Irish wedding ring when you propose.

The symbols and meanings of Irish culture are uniquely appropriate to wedding ring designs. They mesh beautifully with expressions and fidelity, adoration, and faith.

Your wedding celebration will become even more memorable with the addition of special jewelry from Ireland. You can also choose wedding bands that match her special engagement ring.

Finding the right ring for her will depend on which symbols are most meaningful to you. In order to understand the ancient patterns and symbols of the Irish and Celtic people, you must go back in time…

In the sixth century B..C., the Insular Art movement began in the British Isles. Artisans began to incorporate special designs into metal and stone, which included spirals, knot work (interlace) and warrior shield symbols.

You may enjoy visiting this website, for a look at Irish and Celtic symbols through the ages, along with their deeper significance .

We’ve compiled a list of the most romantic Irish engagement rings and wedding bands, so that you can see for yourself just how beautifully crafted they are. Each ring is handmade in Ireland, and stamped (assayed) in Dublin Castle.

14 Karat Diamond Set Celtic Love Knot Ring


This ring is an exemplary example of everything that an Irish engagement ring can be. All the intricate beauty of delicate Trinity Love Knots makes the perfect backdrop for a princess-cut central diamond.

The Trinity Knot has always been a symbol of faith and love. It represents The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Ladies Emerald and Diamond Trinity Knot Ring

blog-ring-21This ladies’ Celtic wedding band offers another glimpse into the mystical past of the Emerald Isle. Its Trinity Knots echo the beauty of the engagement ring shown above.

This ring would be a perfect complement to any Trinity Knot engagement ring. As well, the emerald that graces this exquisite piece offers a touch of color that is so synonymous with the velvety green hills of Ireland.

14 Karat Diamond Set Claddagh Ring

blog-ring-31A traditional Claddagh Ring is always given as a token of the most sincere affection. It is often given in the spirit of romantic love.

The tender symbols of the Claddagh, with their distinctive crowned heart and hands, are meant to express loyalty and true love that lasts forever.

This modern take on the traditional ring allows your bride-to-be to enjoy the spirit of the Claddagh without sacrificing her dream of a glittering, solitaire diamond.

Ladies Gold Set Celtic And Claddagh Wedding Ring

blog-ring-4This ring is one of the most beautiful Irish wedding bands you will ever see.

Painstakingly crafted with amazing attention to detail, it offers the dimensional beauty of two-tone gold, along with the perfectly rendered Claddagh symbols that decorate its surface.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the very best of Irish wedding rings. Honoring the woman you love with one of these pieces is an excellent way to start your new life together.