Honor Your Heritage With A Little Touch Of Ireland

shamrock-pendantAre you proud to be of Irish ancestry? Why not honor your heritage by choosing an Irish jewelry design that features the ancient symbols of your ancestors?

The Irish jewelry of today utilizes the delicate knot work and Shamrock symbols that make Irish art and folklore so fascinating.

As well, it offers the finest in handcrafted design. It is made by artisans in the Emerald Isle itself.

Since the sixth century, when the Insular Art movement began in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, the master metal workers of the British Isles have created works of great beauty. Today’s craftsmen honor the old traditions every time they create modern Irish jewelry designs.

From Irish art treasures, such as the Tara Brooch, the Book of Kells, and the Ardagh Chalice, inspiration flows…the same symbols and inlays decorate today’s rings, pendants, and earrings. Choosing a piece of Irish jewelry can be a memorable journey through the mists of time.

If you enjoy Irish folklore, you will be interested to learn about the meanings and symbolism in today’s gold and silver creations. Some of the stories and motifs that relate to Irish folklore really come to life in today’s exquisite, handmade jewelry designs.

For example, the simple Shamrock is actually a potent symbol of spirituality and faith. When Saint Patrick began his quest to convert the Irish from the old, Pagan ways, to the one true God, he used the tender, three-leaf plant to inspire new followers. By telling them how the trefoil Shamrock symbolized the Holy Trinity, he inspired their devotion to Jesus Christ.

Today, the Shamrock is a symbol of the Emerald Isle, and everyone in the world recognizes it as such. Show your pride with a diamond Shamrock pendant! This beautiful, delicate design is the perfect complement to any outfit, and its deeper meaning will inspire you, just as it did the first followers of Ireland patron saint.

Another time-honored tradition of Irish design is interlace. Interlace is also known as knot work, and it uses intertwined, never ending lines to create a hypnotic effect. Usually, the meaning of interlace relates to eternity, life-force, and the connection of all things to one another.

Finding fine examples of Irish interlace in today’s jewelry designs can be a pleasant task. You can enjoy the beauty of classical Trinity Knots, which symbolize the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, when you choose a gorgeous pink sapphire and diamond Celtic engagement ring.

This work of art offers a feminine, rosy gemstone, flanked by icy white diamonds and interwoven Trinity Knots.


Aside from Shamrocks and interlace, there are also many other popular Irish symbols, including gleaming gold wedding bands engraved with the tender, romantic symbols of the Claddagh. The very first Claddagh Ring was given in the spirit of devotion and undying passion. This romantic spirit is alive in every modern Claddagh wedding band.


As you can see, the craftsmanship of this ring is a testament to the care and skill of today’s artisans. It is a powerful symbol of Ireland’s storytelling tradition.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the unforgettable symbols and designs of today’s Irish jewelry. Whatever your taste or budget, you will be able to find something that demonstrates your pride and honors your heritage.