Celtic Kid’s Jewelry Designs – A Great Gift Idea

kiddie-celtic-crossOne of the best things about being a parent is sharing your family’s traditions and heritage with the next generation.

Giving your child a gift of Celtic jewelry can be a touching way to make your family’s legacy come alive. There are great, affordable choices that will become favorites to any child.

A children’s Celtic Cross pendant is a wonderful way to introduce your child to Celtic symbolism.

The distinctive, ringed Celtic Cross is a symbol of faith. It makes a wonderful gift for a child who attends church or Sunday school. The four points of the Celtic Cross represent the four directions, and the central ring is a symbol of eternity.

Another great idea is a silver birthstone Claddagh ring. The Claddagh Ring is used as a token of affection. Giving someone a Claddagh Ring is a touching way to show you care.

Girls love birthstones, so any special little girl in your life will enjoy the color and beauty of a pretty gemstone which seems customized just for her.

Birthdays, graduations from elementary or secondary school, baptisms, and other special occasions can become great reasons to treat a child (of any age) to Celtic jewelry. These designs features handcrafted quality, and they are created and assayed (stamped) in Ireland itself.

The exquisite artistry of this type of jewelry lends it an heirloom quality. It will be passed down from generation to generation, in true Celtic spirit.

There are many choices, beyond the ring and pendant featured here. You can also opt for a charming, whimsical Shamrock pendant inlaid with sparkling diamonds.

This gift also has its roots in spiritual symbolism. Each leaf of the Shamrock is a symbol of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

The Shamrock is uniquely Irish. Saint Patrick used it to help convert the Irish from the old, Pagan ways. He believed that the one true faith was Christianity, and he devoted his life to replacing Druidic rituals and beliefs with devotion to Jesus Christ.

Saint Patrick performed many selfless works in Ireland, building schools and churches that espoused his ideals and faith. For a child, Saint Patrick and his signature Shamrock set an excellent example.

Another meaningful gift choice for children would be Trinity Knot earrings with shining, deep-green emerald centers.

These earrings would be a great gift for an older child who is learning how to take care of her belongings and beginning to appreciate the finer things in life. These precious earrings are versatile enough to wear with jeans and a T-shirt, but they also go beautifully with dressier clothing.

If you know a girl who has just gotten her ears pierced, the gift of Celtic earrings would be a wonderful way to celebrate this very feminine rite of passage.

Trinity Knots are another way to honor the Holy Trinity, and they are one of the most enduring symbols in Celtic culture. The delicate knot work that is so connected with Celtic art and history first appeared during the sixth century, and it continues to intrigue and fascinate.

As you can see, many special gifts for children are available. If you want to give a gift with real meaning and individuality, consider giving your child jewelry they will treasure for a lifetime.