Celtic Earrings – A Look At The Best Styles

earring-blog-22Celtic earrings can add a touch of style and grace to your image. They flatter every woman. If you are of Celtic ancestry, you may find yourself drawn to the mystical, ancient symbols of your forefathers, and also find yourself wondering exactly what they mean.

The designs and patterns that appear on today’s Celtic earrings also appear in Celtic art and on landmarks in the British Isles.

Most of these common symbols relate to the spiritual journey through life: the cycles of birth, death, and spiritual resurrection are represented by careful, curving whorls. In interlace (Celtic knot work), the interconnectedness of all things is revered and celebrated.

Another powerful symbol in Celtic art and jewelry design is the triquetra. This is also known as the Trinity Knot. Much like the Shamrock, a noted symbol of Ireland, the Trinity Knot uses it three points to symbolize the Holy Trinity. Like the shamrock’s three leaves, each section of the delicate knot speaks to faith and to eternity.

While some of the symbols of Celtic culture span all countries in the British Isles (Ireland, Scotland and Wales), others are uniquely Irish. The Claddagh is one example.

The tender, romantic spirit of the first, Royal Claddagh ring, now housed in Galway, Ireland, often appears on today’s earring designs, hearkening back to the idea of loyalty and courtly love.

Today’s Designs

Now that you’ve learned a little more about Celtic symbols, you can enjoy seeing them on the earring designs of today. We’ve compiled a selection of lovely earrings that truly evoke the very best that today’s master artisans have to offer.

All the earrings shown on this page are handcrafted in Ireland to the highest standards of quality, and they are stamped (assayed) at the historic Dublin Castle.

For a taste of heirloom-quality beauty that any woman will be proud to wear, have a look at these stunning, original designs.

earring-blog-1Celebrate romance with these charming Claddagh Kiss earrings. The gentle hands, gently clasping a crowned heart, tell a story of love that lasts forever.

Two tones of gold add richness and dimension to these very individual earrings.

The glory of the triquetra, ancient symbol of faith, comes alive in these intricately crafted earrings.

A compelling mixture of yellow and white gold enhances the classic lines of the Trinity Knot, while emeralds and diamonds highlight each significant point.

These Trinity Knot earrings are feminine, elegant, and also versatile. They will be worn again and again, always retaining their special beauty.


These affordable earrings are the essence of simplicity and beauty. A central emerald decorates the center of each 14k Trinity Knot.

A lovely gift for any woman, these Celtic knot emerald stud earrings are perfect for every day. They will add a touch of magic to even the most casual outfit.

Emeralds really do inspire images of Ireland and all of its green, lush vistas.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little taste of Celtic earring design. Taking the time to understand the symbols, and the impeccable craftsmanship of Ireland’s modern jewelry designers, will allow you to appreciate every aspect of whichever pair you choose.