Tara’s Diary – The Prettiest New Celtic Charms For Your Bracelet

shamrock-enamel-charmWe’ve introduced a stunning new addition to our jewelry line – the Tara’s Diary Celtic charm bracelet.

The very first bracelet was created because our good friend Tara wished to use charms to represent her special memories. Each charm meant something to her and reminded her of happy times in her life.

Your charm bracelet can serve the same purpose. Special occasions and milestones can be marked with a charm that will always remind you of your own special moments in life.

We’re very proud of this new design, and we want to tell you more about the stunning and symbolic engravings you will find on the individual charms.

We’d also like to tell you how many ways there are to enjoy these exquisitely crafted pieces.

The beauty of the Tara’s Diary charms are their versatility. You can customize your charm bracelet to reflect your own tastes and your own favorite symbols from Celtic culture, art and history. By choosing as few or as many charms as you want, you can create a look that is uniquely you.

In fact, our new charms are so pretty and so individual, you may wish to add a few to your current Pandora’s Box bracelet. With one exception (the birthstone charm), all our charms are compatible with the Pandora’s Box design.

If you collect charms for this particular bracelet, our Tara’s Diary collection will allow you to show some Celtic spirit without investing in a brand new charm bracelet.

Imagine how great a Shamrock charm would look on your existing bracelet! You can honor your Irish or Celtic heritage without needing to start from scratch.

Designing your dream bracelet is easier than ever with our new collection of unique charms. Whether you choose the lovely Tara’s Diary bracelet for your base, or add to a Pandora bracelet you already own, you can be sure of the highest quality charms and the very best craftsmanship.

Here is a look at some of the best pieces for your Tara’s Diary or Pandora’s Box bracelet. All of the charms shown here will work for either design.

The I Love You Celtic Charm

This romantic Trinity knot charm incorporates the tender words, “I Love You” with one of the most meaningful symbols of Celtic art and history. The triquetra, or Trinity Knot, is meant to illustrate the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Delicate engraving on a sterling-silver box shape makes this charm a welcome addition to any Tara’s Diary or Pandora bracelet.

Kid’s Dancer Charm With Celtic Knot


This pretty charm captures all the vibrant, energetic spirit of Celtic dancing. Many children of Celtic descent enjoy learning the traditional dances of their people.

For women of any age, this charm represents the lively music and beautiful steps that Celtic dance is known for. This dangling dancer hangs from a sterling silver charm decorated with Celtic knots.

The Shamrock Charm With Enamel

shamrock-enamel-charm1The Shamrock is Ireland’s most recognizable symbol. Since the days of St. Patrick, who used the three-leaf plant to show the presence of the Holy Trinity in nature, the humble plant has become a symbol of Irish pride.

If you share this same pride about your own ancestry, this beautiful, enamelled Shamrock charm will be a great way to show the world how you feel about being Irish.

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  1. Oh I love the Shamrock Charm, I’ve recently gotten myself one to go on a new bracelet I’m currently putting together. They are unusual but very very pretty.


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