A Celtic Engagement Ring – To Show Your Love

celtic-ring-2The feeling of being in love is so powerful and so comforting. Finding that one very special person who will share your journey through existence is a gift to treasure for always.

If you’ve found the woman you have always dreamed of finding, you may be planning to propose and honor your love with a lifetime commitment. A Celtic engagement ring can be an ideal way to show your love.

There is something mystical and magical about Celtic jewelry. It seems to resonate with meaning, due to the carefully crafted symbols it features.

Some symbols of Celtic culture are so ancient and profound, they remain sacred and revered thousands of years after their first appearance on ancient works of art and stone crosses.

Capturing the timeless beauty and depth of the Celtic people with a stunning engagement ring can be a powerful way to show you care. Your bride-to-be will appreciate the hidden meanings and spiritual significance of her ring.

If you are unfamiliar with the symbols of Celtic art and folklore, such as Irish Claddagh symbols and intricate interlace, you will enjoy learning about what they mean. By educating yourself, you can prepare for a proposal that is unforgettable!

Sharing the “story” of your ring with your partner will be an excellent way to propose. You can write a note (perhaps with a few lines of exquisite Irish poetry, such as The Wild Swans At Coole, by W.B. Yeats) that explains the symbols on her ring, or play pretty harp or fiddle music to set the stage for an amazing experience.

However you decide to propose, your Celtic engagement ring will dazzle her. Beautifully handcrafted by skilled artisans in the Emerald Isle, these works of art have an heirloom quality that makes them stand out.

In order to learn the “story” of her ring, you will need to learn about the symbols it offers. Here are just a couple of beautiful examples of the very best Celtic engagement rings for her. Once you’ve found one you love, you can read our quick guide to its meaning. Check our online jewelry store for many more variations on these styles.

14k Diamond Set Celtic Knot Ring

celtic-ring-3This pretty ring features the very best in Celtic interlace. The expertly crafted Trinity Love Knots that flank the central, solitaire diamond add visual interest and dimension to the piece. The Trinity Love Knot is a fine example of Celtic knot work, and it carries significance that is uniquely appropriate for your wedding day.

Love Knots honor devotion and faith. Each of the three points of a traditional Celtic Trinity Knot represents the Holy Trinity – The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. By choosing this design, you will offer your bride-to-be a centuries-old symbol of love and life everlasting.

14k Diamond Set Claddagh Engagement Ring –


This beautiful ring features beautifully embossed Claddagh symbols, alongside a trio of shimmering diamonds. Throughout history, couples have celebrated their love with traditional Claddagh Rings, which symbolize fidelity, romantic love, and undying loyalty.

Thrill the woman you love with this very individual design. The Claddagh symbols always depict two tiny hands, gently clasping a crowned heart.