Celtic Trinity Knots – The Perfect Symbols For Your Wedding Ring

celtic-love-knot Celtic Trinity Knots are one of the most enduring symbols of Celtic culture. They bring depth and meaning to Celtic jewelry designs.

The history of the triquetra, or Trinity Knot, dates back to the sixth century, when artists of the Insular Art period used it to adorn stone crosses and art treasures.

For thousands of years, the master artisans of Ireland adapted the symbols of Celtic culture to exquisite metal works, such as chalices, rings, pendants, and brooches. The work of these masters was world-renowned for its excellence. Today, the tradition of unsurpassed quality and artistry lives on…

The Trinity Knot is a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Each of its three points represents the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Much like the Shamrock, the triquetra has become synonymous with spiritual faith and love.

Today’s wedding ring designs often feature delicately rendered Trinity Love Knots. The vows a bride and groom speak before God echo the symbolic value of their Celtic wedding bands. For this reason, Trinity Knots remain a timeless choice for wedding jewelry.

Many brides choose Trinity Knot engagement rings, which often feature a solitaire diamond flanked with knots on both sides. Grooms can also choose from a wide selection of masculine, stylish Celtic wedding bands decorated with Celtic shield designs, which symbolize strength and loyalty. Many couples enjoy the unified theme that Celtic wedding jewelry brings to their ceremonies and to their wedding photos.

Women seeking out a matched set of Celtic engagement ring and wedding band will be happy to see how many choices there are. The Trinity Knot wedding band can add more dimension and style to an engagement ring, by repeating the carefully crafted triquetra motif. Brides can also choose bands with tiny diamonds or other gemstones that add shine and sparkle to the set.

The use of different gold tones is also common, and it adds great richness to wedding bands and engagement rings. Combining yellow and white gold allows the distinctive shape of the classic triquetra to stand out against a contrasting background.

Collecting jewelry with Trinity Knots may become a passion, long after your wedding day. If it does, you can experiment with a variety of beautiful pieces, such as pearl-drop earrings with Trinity Love Knots. Gorgeous pendants to match are also an option.

Finding the perfect piece for your wedding day can be a pleasure when you understand more about Celtic symbols such as the Trinity Love Knot. Knowing you are honoring your Celtic heritage on such a special occasion will be fulfilling for you and your family.

If you are of Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage, the symbols of Celtic culture may really resonate with you. The mysterious, mystical elements of the triquetra will continue to fascinate and please you throughout the years. This may be a first step towards a greater understanding of your heritage and the culture of your ancestors.

Celtic Trinity Knot jewelry is a perfect choice for your wedding. Each time you look at your ring, you will remember the vows you spoke before God. Show your faith and undying affection by choosing an engagement ring or band (or both) adorned with Trinity Knots.