Irish Vacations – Connecting With Your Heritage

rubyPlanning a vacation to the Emerald Isle can be filled with choices. In a country with such a rich cultural history, there are a host of attractions and things to experience.

Visiting Ireland is dream for many people with Irish ancestry, but it requires a little planning. Taking the time to find the best itinerary will ensure that your trip is one to remember with fondness for a lifetime.

We’ve compiled a list of top five things to see and do when you visit Ireland. We hope it allows you to get a sense of the storytelling tradition, landmarks, and beauty that this unique nation is famous for.

5.) Dublin Castle – This famous landmark is a wonderful choice for your itinerary. The tower at Dublin Castle is the only Medieval tower still intact in the city.

The castle has a chequered history, as it was for many years the home to British colonials who maintained their rule over the Irish people. Wars against Irish chieftains were planned within its stone walls.

After the Reformation, Dublin Castle left its colonial roots behind. Today, it has survived fire and Civil War to become an enduring symbol of Ireland.

It now houses many tourist attractions and features gift shops, restaurants, and tours for visitors interested in its history.

The Celtic jewelry found at Irish Celtic Jewels, such as ruby and diamond Celtic engagement rings, is stamped (assayed) at the Castle itself.

4.) The Blarney Stone – Near Cork, Ireland, the Blarney Stone rests within the battlements of Blarney Castle. Crafted of blue-stone, the ancient relic has been kissed by countless people from all over the world.

There are many theories about the history of this stone, which is thought to bestow charm and the “gift of gab” on those who kiss it: its origins remain lost in the mists of time.

Every traveler to Ireland should take the opportunity to kiss the fabled Blarney Stone. It is a wonderful way to connect with Irish myth and legend while in the Emerald Isle.

3.) Cliffs Of Moher – These dramatic cliffs are stunning and not to be missed. The cliffs stretch 8 km above the Atlantic Ocean, and they rise up to a staggering height of 214 meters.

Located in County Clare, the mesmerizing Cliffs Of Moher inspire the imagination. If you’re planning a trip to the Cliffs, check out Giddy Goats Tours for some deals.

2.) Trinity College, Dublin (The Book Of Kells) – This revered College was chosen as the home of one of Ireland’s greatest national art treasures. The Book Of Kells is an illuminated manuscript depicting the four books of The Gospel. This masterwork can be viewed at the College. Look for distinctive knot work borders and other symbols. These symbols often appear on Celtic jewelry designs today.

1.) The People – The friendly, charming people of Ireland will make your vacation unforgettable. After a full day of sightseeing, relaxing at a local pub and enjoying Irish music, dance, and friendliness may be the thing you remember the most… and enjoy the most. Make your trip the best it can be by talking to Irish people and enjoying their warm, spontaneous way of life.

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  1. A great way to see many of the best sites in Ireland is on a self-drive vacation package, with overnight stays at a B&B, hotel, or even a luxurious castle. Another good option – for keeping costs down – is to rent a cottage or vacation home in a central location.

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