Looking Beautiful On Your Wedding Day – Tips And Tricks With An Irish Twist

Every woman wants to look her most beautiful on her wedding day. Luckily, happiness and anticipation lend a magical glow to any bride. Still, it’s wise to plan ahead and be sure that your makeup, outfit, hair and accessories are exactly right for you. If you are wondering what looks will be most flattering on your very special day, we can offer some tips on enhancing your beauty, with a little touch of Irish flair.

Jewelry – Most women realize that a bit of jewelry worn close to the face adds a glow to the skin, and sets off their skin, hair and eyes. Take advantage of the natural beauty of pearls and gemstones when planning your wedding outfit. Consider an Irish Trinity Knot pendant with a shining, teardrop-shaped pearl (and matching earrings). Pearls are very flattering to any skin tone. They add a touch of lustrous beauty to your wedding ensemble.

If you have green eyes, consider a Celtic pendant with tiny emeralds that catch the light. Emeralds will make your eyes stand out. Sapphires will set off blue or brown eyes beautifully. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with diamonds – they are timeless and always flattering with a white gown. Rubies are also a popular choice. You can cut costs by finding pendants that feature tiny rubies.

Hair – To capture a little touch of traditional Irish beauty with your wedding hairstyle, consider a laurel of flowers that rests atop loose, flowing curls. Medieval Irish brides wore charming circlets of wildflowers that gave them an innocent, pre-Raphaelite beauty. Wild roses or heather would be great additions to a modern laurel. If your heart is set on the traditional veil, then be sure to wear pretty earrings if your hair will be up. You neck and ears will be on display once your veil is pulled back.

Makeup – Fair Irish brides should not overdo makeup on their wedding day, they will look too painted. If you share the fair skin that can be a Celtic legacy, play it up with pink and purple tones that are not too bright. A little gel blush in rosy pink, and a soft plum lipstick will work very well if your skin has a pink tone. Freckled or warm-toned brides should opt for juicy peach tones and golden shades.

Dress – You can capture a touch of Irish beauty by experimenting with different styles of wedding gowns. If you love the look of the gowns you see in films like Elizabeth, or Pride and Prejudice, consider an Empire waist for your wedding gown. This is a classic look that has endured through the centuries. Adding some vintage details to your gown, such as Irish lace on the hem, will also work here. Your body type is key when choosing your gown. Don’t hide an hourglass figure if you have one! Find a gown that is fitted to show off your shape. A lean, boyish build will look best in an Empire style.