Guide to Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring

When you are shopping for that perfect wedding ring, it can be overwhelming thinking about all of the different options available to you. You have to think about things like metal, cut of diamonds, style, jeweler…and the list goes on. Don’t get discouraged: there are a few simple things to keep in mind when shopping for wedding rings that will make finding the perfect ring a snap.

Learn about the different types of metals that are available? Are you more partial to silver jewelry on a daily basis? Look for wedding rings made from silver or its fancier counterpart, white gold. If you prefer gold jewelry and want your forever ring to have the golden sheen, pick a gold wedding ring. Ask the jeweler you are working with about the durability and care for each metal, and think about your daily lifestyle and what you will be putting the ring through: this too can help determine your choice.

Shop around. It is crucial to find a jeweler that you feel comfortable working with, one you know is helping to find you the ring that best suits your needs and style, and it not just trying to make a sale. Make sure to ask about their guarantee policy and customer support options, and if you get a feeling that they are trying to push you into a ring you don’t like or want, run the other way and don’t look back.

Think about your own personal style. If you tend to wear unique jewelry on a daily basis, you might be well suited to something like Celtic wedding rings, which have a look all their own and rich history to boot. If you favor more simple styles, look for more modest wedding bands that won’t overshadow your classic look.

Learn about diamonds: shape, cut, color, clarity. Knowing about the different diamond choices available will help you feel more educated and empowered in your decision making process.

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