Fresh Irish Jewelry Ideas For This Spring

When days grow longer and the first signs of spring approach, it can be exhilarating. Spring days call for different fashion choices, such as lighter fabrics and cheery, bright colors. You may want to consider spicing up your jewelry collection with some stunning Irish designs this season. Adding a shot of color is easy with the timeless beauty of these pieces. As well, Irish jewelry really captures the essence of spring through its symbols and intricate patterns, which are often inspired by nature.

If you are interested in finding a great starting point for an Irish jewelry collection that flatters the new fashions of springtime, consider a fun Shamrock pendant you can wear with anything. A diamond and white gold Shamrock pendant is always a recognizable sign of the Emerald Isle, and it also carries a deeper meaning.

The delicate, trefoil (three-pointed) design of the Shamrock was used by Ireland’s St. Patrick to illustrate the presence of the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit in the natural world. What better way to celebrate the advent of spring, than with a botanical symbol of eternal life and love?

A lot of designs you’ll find in Irish jewelry take their cue from nature. For example, the artisans of the Middle Ages crafted delicate animal shapes known as zoomorphic symbols out of precious metals. Today, the master craftsmen of Ireland carry on the ancient Celtic traditions in their rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Popular motifs such as Trinity Knots use the same trefoil concept found on the Shamrock to show faith in God. Although the Trinity Knot is a more stylized shape than the rounded Shamrock, it is still derived from the same origins, and carries the same powerful symbolism. Trinity Knots are part of the time-honored tradition of Celtic interlace (knot work) that can be found on art treasures such as the Book of Kells, which depicts scenes of the Gospels.

You can also enjoy the gleaming green beauty of emeralds in a variety of Irish jewelry styles. Emeralds are an excellent way to add fresh, springlike color to your jewelry wardrobe. Although most emeralds come from African nations such as Zambia, they are still used to great effect in designs such as Emerald Claddagh rings.

Claddagh Rings combine whimsical, romantic symbols in order to express a sentiment of undying love and affection. The tiny hands, clasping a crowned heart, are meant to demonstrate the eternal nature of true love. Adding a bright, shining green emerald is a great way to put a modern take on a timeless classic this spring.

The carefully faceted beauty of a heart-shaped emerald will catch the light and flatter the brighter wardrobe colors of the season. If you worry about the expense of emeralds, consider a created emerald (made in a lab). It will have the same beauty and composition as the original stone, without the added cost.

There are so many ways to celebrate the sense of rebirth that comes each spring. Enjoying flowers, sunshine, and the beauty of velvety green grass all come to mind. Add some fun and symbolism to your spring jewelry wardrobe through the colors and botanical influences of Irish designs. You’ll find they mesh beautifully with the spirit of the season.