Enter the Most Beautiful Celtic Jewelry Contest

I’ve got a great new contest which I’ve set up on my Celtic jewelry page on Facebook. Are you on Facebook? If not, now might be the time to join.

Participate in this competition and you’ll receive a 10% discount coupon for the Irish Celtic Jewels store. Be in the top 3 and you’ll receive a FREE silver Celtic birthstone ring, and a 15% discount coupon for my Celtic jewelry store. Anyone who votes, will receive a 5% discount coupon for the store.

Bring me to the Celtic jewelry page on Facebook>>.

The contest is simple: using the wall (where it says: What’s on your mind?), upload a picture or video of you, or one of your friends wearing a Celtic jewelry item. It can be a ring, pendant, earring, bracelet, bangle or any other jewelry that has Celtic symbols (including the Claddagh symbol) on it. Also, feel free to tell us your story about the piece (not required).

Bring me to the Celtic jewelry page on Facebook>>.

After you’ve uploaded your picture or video, invite your friends and family to become a fan of the Celtic jewelry page. Then they can vote on your picture and help you win! To vote, just leave a comment on your favorite picture. Remember, simply voting in this competition will give you a 5% discount coupon for my Celtic jewelry store.

Terms & Conditions

  • There is one vote per person
  • You can vote for yourself
  • If you invite people to vote, they need to click on “become a fan” before doing voting
  • The contest will not end before June 11th, 2009
  • If by June 11th, 2009, there are not 15 entrants or more, the contest will continue until it reaches this number
  • I will contact all winners and participants personally when the contest ends
  • All discount coupons will be valied for 3 months after issue date

Good luck to you all!


Leigh Maher

Bring me to the Celtic jewelry page on Facebook>>.

2 thoughts on “Enter the Most Beautiful Celtic Jewelry Contest

  1. Hi,

    Just a quick note about the contest so far.

    I see that 3 people have uploaded a picture so far. Thanks guys. However, to be included in the contest, you need to take a photograph of the actual piece you have (preferably being worn by somebody).

    Also, I realised this morning that having one vote per person won’t work. So from now on you can vote on as many pictures that you like.

    Finally, if you’re got more than one item of Celtic jewelry, you can photograph each piece separately, and each one will count as an entry.



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