Finding The Right Wedding Band For Your Celtic Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect wedding band for your Celtic engagement ring will ensure that you make the most of its unique beauty. Choosing a complementary Celtic wedding band is a wise choice, as it will naturally echo the symbols and details that make your engagement ring such a standout. By forgoing the expected, plain gold band, you can create a dazzling matched set that has great visual impact.

Celtic engagements rings are engraved with symbols that date back as far as the sixth century. In those days, the Druids practiced the Pagan faith in Celtic lands. When Ireland converted to Christianity, the ancient spirals, interlace, and zoomorphic (animal) symbols of the Pagans evolved to become powerful signifiers of spiritual faith and love.

You might notice certain features on your engagement ring, such as delicate Trinity love knots, that may seem mysterious to you. The trefoil symbol of the Trinity Knot symbolizes the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit. It is a testament to love, commitment before God, and all the values that make marriage so sacred and beautiful. If you’ve chosen a Celtic engagement ring with these knots, you can look for a band that features the same potent symbol of loyalty and belief.

Celtic wedding bands with Trinity Knots offer the same authenticity and handcrafted beauty as Celtic engagement rings. They add a touch of modern style through the use of two-tone metals, inlays, and even pave diamonds that will reflect off your engagement ring’s central stone!

Choosing a wedding band with Trinity Knots can be easy, as there are so many different styles available. Whether you are interested in a simple style that doesn’t take center stage, or a bolder look that dazzles, you will not be short of options. Some modern Celtic wedding bands feature special touches like comfort-fit bands that make your ring so easy and pleasant to wear.

If you have chosen a Claddagh Celtic engagement ring, with all its romantic symbols, you may be curious about your choices for a matching wedding band. The distinctive, crowned heart and tiny hands that make your engagement ring so meaningful can also be found on today’s Claddagh wedding bands.

If you are unfamiliar with the Claddagh story, you will be interested in the tale of Richard Joyce, the Irish fisherman who crafted the very first Claddagh ring. Joyce was working as a fisherman, far from his native Galway, when he was kidnapped and forced to work for a goldsmith. His never forgot his true love, Margaret, and he crafted a special ring in her honor.

Years later, when he was released, he returned to Galway, and was thrilled to find his lover waiting for him. Their loyalty to one another is the heart of the Claddagh story. What could be more appropriate for an engagement ring or wedding band?

Margaret wore her Claddagh ring all of her life. You, too, will wear your ring for all your days. By choosing a band covered in delicately sculpted Claddagh symbols that are rich and subtle, you will do your engagement ring justice. You can choose from wide bands with bolder symbols, or thin, feminine designs that are sleek, elegant, and refined. Whatever your taste, there is a wedding band that will please you always.