Making A Romantic Irish Meal For Your Partner

Capturing the romantic spirit of the Irish people can make for a lovely date night with your partner. You can create a special meal that offers your loved one a glimpse into Irish history and tradition. If you’ve chosen a special piece of Irish jewelry for someone you love, you can add a sense of occasion by presenting your gift during an Irish meal that is delicious and easy to make.

First, consider atmosphere. Light emerald green candles in votives and place them on the table and around the room. The gentle green glow will be a charming homage to the Emerald Isle itself. Some atmospheric Irish music, such as Enya, will instantly create the romantic effect you want.

Soft music and candlelight will make your gift of Irish jewelry seem more romantic and more important. Make your proposal or gift giving more unforgettable by setting the scene for the one you love. They will never forget your thoughtfulness.

Consider buying some fine Irish single malt whiskey, or even some cans of rich, dark Guinness Beer, and toast one another. Make sure to serve the beer in pint glasses for a pub feeling. For whiskey, do not add ice. In Ireland, whiskey is generally drunk at room temperature, and served neat (no mixer). For a genuine Irish feel, drink the whiskey straight up.

Consider Irish soda bread for an appetizer. Buy real butter and enjoy the hearty taste of this traditional Irish fare before your main course. Cut small slices and present them on a platter, alongside the rest of the loaf. Create a prettier appetizer by adding some wedges of imported Irish Cheddar cheese, artfully arrayed.

For your main course, a lovely Irish stew, made with fresh lamb, will be aromatic and delectable. Serve the stew in pretty earthenware bowls for a rustic effect. Be sure that you find a recipe you can count on – the Irish stew should be quite easy to make and feature the freshest meat and produce available.

Websites like Epicurious will offer wonderful options for true Irish stew, which will always feature lamb, rather than beef. Other key ingredients to look for will be potatoes, pearl barley, thyme, and carrots.

If you are proposing or giving a special gift of Irish jewelry for a special occasion (or no occasion at all!), you should plan a fun dessert that will polish off the meal in style. Dessert and a nice drink will be the perfect prelude and make your partner feel relaxed and pampered before they receive their present.

One great option for a dessert with an Irish twist is a simple scoop of the best vanilla ice cream, served in a champagne glass. Top the ice cream with a drizzle of Bailey’s Irish Cream for a delicious combination of complementary flavors. After a hearty meal, the cool, refreshing taste of ice cream will be pleasing to the palate. Any Irish liqueur you enjoy can be used here. If you prefer, serve the ice cream alone and drink the Bailey’s in little liqueur glasses. Or perhaps brew some gourmet coffee and make Irish coffee as your dessert.

You can enjoy a lovely dessert, and present your Celtic ring, pendant or earrings in the perfect atmosphere. You partner will be touched by the effort you’ve made to please them. This night could be one you always remember…