Irish Wedding Invitations – A Great Way To Honor Your Heritage

With the advent of spring, many couples begin to plan for summer weddings. If you or your intended share Irish heritage, you may be interested in creating traditional wedding invitations that honor your ancestry.

Many couples choose to send out wedding invitations that feature the timeless symbols of the Emerald Isle. It can be a charming way to set the tone for a wedding that might include some other Irish traditions. Traditional fiddle music, Irish dancers, or even a classic recitation of an Irish blessing can add a touch of romantic whimsy to your nuptials. Sending out gorgeous invitations that hint at a touch of Irish feeling can inspire family and friends.

Here are some ways to get your loves ones excited about your wedding with Irish invitations:

  • Knot Work – The delicate art of interlace is a mysterious and alluring addition to Irish wedding invitations. Consider a rich border of Celtic knot work in silver or gold. It will add a mystical and dimensional quality to even the simplest invitations.
  • Wild Roses – The traditional Irish Wild Rose is pale pink to deep rose, and its soft, velvety beauty will add real appeal when chosen as a motif for your invitations. The subtle symbolism of the Wild Rose will also not be as overt or obvious as some other common symbols of Ireland. If you are interested in a touch of romance for your invitations, the Wild Rose could be a great starting point in your design.
  • Emerald Green – The gorgeous, emerald green color of Ireland’s land is the inspiration for wedding invitations that feature green lettering or motifs. Choosing a rich green border, or a couple of complementary shades of green (Kelly green to ivy green, for example) will subtly reflect the symbolic shade that is always associated with Ireland. You can choose a Celtic-inspired font for your wording, to add even more visual interest.
  • Trinity Knots – Rather than a border of interwoven lines, you might want to consider the classic shape of the Triquetra, or Trinity Knot. This charming symbol is a deep and meaningful one, and ideally suited to any wedding. The three points of the Trinity Knot represent the Holy Trinity, and each point is a symbol of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Adding a Trinity Knot in gold or silver is a great way to illustrate your faith and love, in a way that is uniquely Irish.
  • Zoomorphic (Animal) Symbols – You can adapt the ancient Celtic art of using animal symbols to great effect on your wedding invitations. Consider using a motif of a bird, or another animal that has meaning and appeal for you. Often, zoomorphic symbols are made of interlace, and they have an intricate beauty that will really stand out.
  • Spirals – The traditional spiral design that is so common on Irish art and jewelry designs can also be used for wedding invitations. Consider a border of gentle, curving spirals, which symbolize the journey through life in all its stages.

There are other ways to add an Irish spirit to your wedding day. An Celtic engagement ring and matching wedding band will give you a link to your heritage that you can enjoy on your big day and afterwards. You can also choose a Celtic wedding ring for your groom to be.

Celtic wedding jewelry can add the finishing touch to your wedding day ensemble. Accent your white gown with teardrop pearl trinity knot earrings, and a matching pendant. These beautiful pieces really will shine in wedding day photos and video!

Silver Claddagh birthstone rings make a great gift for bridesmaids. Chic and affordable, they are a wonderful way to show your gratitude to your friends -without spending a fortune.

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