How to Plan a Traditional Irish Rehearsal Dinner

If you are planning an Irish wedding, one that you would like to be as authentic as possible, having a rehearsal comprised of traditional Irish foods can be a wonderful way to stay in keeping with the culture and treat your wedding party and family to some wonderful tastes. Whether you have the food catered or you choose to make it yourself, learn what foods are considered traditional Irish fare.

Before you sit down to dinner, have some Irish drinks available to your guests. Guinness and Harp are both wonderful Irish beers. Serve Harp lager cold, but serve Guinness at room temperature, as this helps bring out its flavors best. For the non-beer drinkers, look for Jameson’s Irish whiskey. Both Guinness and Jameson’s are brewed and distilled in Ireland, so you can’t get much more traditional and authentic than that.

No matter what season you are having your wedding, traditional Irish food is going to be hearty and comforting. Irish soda bread is a snap to make, and is wonderful to have around for your guests to eat with warm butter before the meal is served, and is delicious when dipped into a robust Irish stew.

Start the meal with some vegetables-roasted potatoes and turnips are wonderful starters that hearken to traditional Irish foods. Try and make your main course as hefty as possible, because traditional Irish foods are the type that really stick to your ribs and leave you satiated. If you feel your guests might be more inclined to enjoy a stew (rather than a meat roast), serve an Irish stew. Irish stew is very simple to assemble, and involves ingredients like beef, garlic, stock, Guinness beer, red wine, potatoes, carrots, and onions. You could also serve the very Irish corned beef and cabbage, or simply do a beef roast.

While black pudding may sound like a delightful dessert, it is actually something that should be served as a side dish during your meal, as it’s comprised of lots of meat (specifically pork) and grains. After dinner is over, serve a traditional Irish breakfast tea to your guests to help them relax and digest all the wonderful food that they just consumed.

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