Saint Patrick’s Day – Celebrate In Style

Saint Patrick’s Day is a joyous celebration of everything Irish. If you plan on hitting a pub or a Saint Patrick’s Day parade, you are probably thinking about the best way to show your Irish spirit on March 17 th. A little touch of Irish style can make you sparkle at parties and festivities. Here are some fun, modern ways to display your pride and loyalty to the Emerald Isle on Saint Patrick’s Day:

Wearing of The Green – Of course, wearing emerald green is synonymous with Saint Patrick’s Day. The “wearing o’ the green” is a tradition based on the politics of Ireland and England through the centuries. The “green” was initially worn to show allegiance to the Society of the United Irishmen, and it was viewed as rebellion by the English rulers of the day.

In fact, the “wearing o’ the green” was a crime in the 18 th century, and those who wore Shamrocks or green articles of clothing could be hung for their acts of defiance.

Today, “wearing the green” on March 17 th is still an expression of Irish pride and loyalty, and it can be fun to indulge with a fun slogan t-shirt (Kiss Me, I’m Irish is one old standby) or even a hat in bright emerald green.

Look around websites and novelty t-shirt stores to see what’s new in Saint Paddy’s Day t-shirts and accessories for this year. Going to the pub while “wearing the green” will ensure that everyone knows you are of Irish origin.

Face Painting – If you want to go all out on the big day, consider gathering a group of friends and doing a little face painting to get into the spirit of things! Grab some non-toxic cosmetic paint from a costume shop and start with some simple shapes that are easy to do.

Shamrocks can be painted on with ease, and they can be put almost anywhere – so be creative. If you don’t want to put shapes like this on your face, consider a green “tattoo” on the back of your shoulder (if you are female). If you are wearing a tank top while you celebrate in a pub, the shamrock will look cute and fun.

If you are male, consider a Shamrock across your bicep or forearm, for a more masculine, “tattoo” effect. Also you could draw other symbols of Ireland with cosmetic paint, such as leprechauns or pots of gold.

Irish Jewelry – Once you’ve gotten your outfit for Saint Patrick’s Day organized, you may be interested in other little touches that will help make the celebration unforgettable.

A diamond Shamrock pendant is a superb way to show your style, and it will also look great in every photo taken on that day (or night)! As well, if you choose a Shamrock pendant handcrafted in Ireland itself, it will become a versatile piece that you can wear long after Saint Paddy’s Day!

In fact, Irish Shamrock pendants are exquisitely crafted out of white or yellow gold, by master artisans, and they feature inlaid diamonds that add a touch of glitz to the design. An Irish Shamrock pendant is a great choice at any time, but especially around March 17 th!