Heirloom Celtic Jewelry: Finding The Right Pieces For Your Family

If you are of Irish or Celtic heritage, you may wish to create an heirloom jewelry collection that reflects your ancestry. By choosing a few special pieces that are handmade by skilled artisans, you can start a beautiful tradition that goes on for generations.

There are a lot of reasons why Celtic jewelry is so special. The timeless symbols of Celtic art and culture are faithfully captured in intricate detail. As well, many pieces feature precious stones and the finest gold and silver.

Starting an heirloom jewelry collection will allow you to enjoy your jewelry today, and then pass it on to the ones you love the most. In Ireland, many families pass down special pieces, such as Claddagh Rings, to their children and grandchildren. By selecting pieces that have timeless appeal, you can create a lovely tradition for your own family.

We’ve compiled a quick guide to the best starter pieces for families with Irish, Scottish, or Welsh heritage. You can enjoy adding more selections to your jewelry box as time goes by. Here are some popular choices for heirloom Celtic jewelry:

Claddagh Rings – If you are Irish, a Claddagh Ring will be an ideal starting point for your collection. These rings, with their distinctive crowned heart motif, are a popular choice for heirloom rings.

An Irish fisherman made the first Claddagh ring. His name was Robert Joyce. While at sea far from his homeland, he was kidnapped and forced to work for a goldsmith. He never forgot his one true love, Margaret, who waited faithfully for him in Galway. When his slavery was ended, he returned to her, and presented her with a special ring that he wrought from the finest gold. It featured two tiny hands gently holding a crowned heart. She wore it always, as a symbol of their devotion to one another.

Many mothers and fathers pass down their Claddagh rings to their children when they get married. They gift their son or daughter with the family Claddagh ring on their wedding day. Some couples choose Claddagh rings in lieu of plain gold wedding bands. This poignant tradition can become a beloved ritual for your family.

Trinity Knot Jewelry – Celtic knot work was one of the signatures of the Insular Art movement of the British Isles. Examples of stunning knot work can be traced back as far as 600 AD. The intricate, flowing lines of Celtic knot work are also known as interlace. With Trinity Knots, the three points of the design represent the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Often, you will see the classic Trinity Knot referred to as a “triquetra”. By either name, this design will always be a potent symbol of the spiritual faith of the Celtic people.

When shopping for the perfect heirloom piece, consider a special pendant or earrings adorned with gold Trinity Knots. Some of today’s prettiest designs feature the addition of diamonds or emeralds for extra brilliance. You can also choose a special ring as a starter piece. An engagement ring with a solitaire stone and Trinity knot metal work is tailor-made for a family collection. Its classic beauty will never fade or lose its appeal.