The Best Irish Birthstone Jewelry Designs

Every woman enjoys wearing birthstone jewelry. From a young age, girls learn about their birthstones and what they mean. Giving the gift of a birthstone ring or pendant can be a fun way to add a custom feel to Irish jewelry designs. If someone you love will be celebrating a birthday in the upcoming months, think about surprising her with a special piece that seems as though it was made for her alone!

Irish jewelry designs combine ancient symbols with glittering gemstones, adding a dash of color and richness to all manner of special pieces. Whether you choose a lovely and affordable silver Claddagh Birthstone ring for your loved one, or perhaps a mother’s pendant with a series of gems representing each child, you will be giving a gift of great sentimental value.

If you are unfamiliar with which birthstone goes with which month, don’t despair. Most reputable Irish jewelry retailers will offer you the finest gemstones, sorted by birth month. All you’ll need to know is the birthdate of the recipient. This ease of choice makes it simple to choose jewelry that is perfect for gift giving. Irish birthstone jewelry is a charming, thoughtful way to show you care. Here are some great choices for you to consider:

Silver Claddagh Birthstone Rings – In times of recession, affordable gifts makes a lot of sense. You don’t need to sacrifice quality when you choose a silver Claddagh ring with a shining birthstone. The first Claddagh ring was created when an Irish fisherman was kidnapped at sea, and forced to work for a goldsmith, far from his home.

He crafted a special ring, with two tiny hands clasping a crowned heart, in order to honor his undying love for the woman he left behind. In time, he was reunited with her, and they lived happily ever after. Capture the romance and whimsy of the Claddagh story with a silver ring that won’t cost a fortune. The genuine stone and delicate craftsmanship will make it look far more expensive than it is.

Celtic Knot Family Birthstone Pendant – This clever design can be added to as a family grows. You can choose how many gemstones you wish to add to the delicate chain. This Celtic knot pendant comes in yellow or white gold for even more choice! The carefully handcrafted Trinity Knots that decorate each birthstone on your pendant are symbols of the Holy Trinity, and they will always represent faith and love.

You can add as many stones as you like to this ingenious design, and each birthstone is suspended from its own knot work setting. This pendant is a great choice for new mothers, loving aunts, or grandparents. It is an ideal way to honor the love and tradition of a close-knit family. A pendant such as this will become something a woman wears with pride, and she will enjoy answering questions about the hidden meanings in her design.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the practical, beautiful gift of Irish birthstone jewelry. Whatever your taste or budget, you can find a ring or pendant that will be perfect for any occasion.