Proposing With An Irish Engagement Ring – Tips To Make It Special

Proposing to the woman you love should be one of the most romantic experiences of your life. If you are considering the purchase of an Irish engagement ring, why not also consider adding a little Irish flavor to your proposal? Popping the question can really become memorable when you incorporate timeless Irish traditions into the mix.

We’ve compiled a quick list of ways you can make your proposal unforgettable. By taking some time to plan ahead, you can ensure that your special moment is one that is remembered with fondness…forever.

Setting – Ideally, a trip to your ancestral lands would be a perfect way to pop the question. Ireland is known for its velvety greenness, its charming pubs and its glorious stone castles. If a trip to the Emerald Isle is out of reach, you can create the same feeling at home. By playing Irish music in the background, and having special food and drink that evoke the spirit of its people, you can make a proposal in your home lovely and unique.

Some romantic choices for Irish music are: Enya, early U2 (such as Boy or October albums), or the Hothouse Flowers. All of these musicians have created intensely atmospheric, romantic songs that display a real Irish sensibility.

U2’s classic ballad, All I Want Is You, from the Rattle and Hum album, is also an excellent choice for background ambience during a proposal. Or you could consider more upbeat, old-fashioned Irish music that features fiddles, by virtuosos such as Kevin Burke (Sweeney’s Dream is a great choice).

For a classic Irish menu, consider a traditional Irish stew, made with fresh lamb, and dark Guinness ale in pint glasses. Apple cake is a classic Irish dessert for your special meal. Websites such as Epicurious will supply you with gourmet versions of classic Irish fare.

Light some candles, and enjoy a beautiful meal with soft music in the background. Be sure to toast your bride to be! Then, get down on bended knee, and present your intended with a gorgeous Celtic engagement ring!

Bring The Irish Storytelling Tradition To Life – One of Ireland’s greatest contributions to the world is the eloquence of their poets and writers. Masters such as James Joyce and W.B. Yeats have added to the mystique of the Irish storytelling tradition.

In order to capture this literary spirit in your wedding proposal, consider using a few lines of classic poetry to accompany your engagement ring. You could buy a pretty card, or even make one, if you are artistic, and then add a few special words. Your bride will keep your card forever, and it will always have great sentimental value.

You might also consider adding a few words in Irish script to your card – you can then translate the words for your bride to be! Some Irish wedding bands feature engraved phrases like, ‘Gra Geal Mo Chroi’, meaning, “love of my heart”. Consider purchasing matching wedding bands that share the same script, so that the two of you will always share this “secret” language.