Top 7 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Decisions, decisions, decisions! It seems all you do when planning a wedding is make decisions. Luckily for you, choosing a wedding cake is one of the sweetest decisions you will have to make in this whole process. Read on for some great tips on to settle on that perfect cake that all your guests will want to sneak a second piece of.

Consider size and shape: This may seem like a no brainer, but there is nothing more stressful than having a freezer-full of leftover wedding cake because you ordered more than you needed. Don’t order your cake until you know approximately how many guests will be attending. This will help you in choosing the size of the cake, as your baker can guide you in what cake size suits what amount of guests. Then consider aesthetics: Do you prefer the look of big, rectangle sheets cakes, or the delicate stacking of circles? Think about what will look best to your eye.

Don’t go overboard with decorations: Sometimes the most beautiful wedding cakes are the most simply decorated. You aren’t hosting a child’s 5th birthday party here: no need for garish cartoon characters and bright splashy colors everywhere. This isn’t to say that wedding cake decorations can’t be colorful and fun, but covering every square inch with Sponge Bob may make you cringe years down the road.

Have fun with flavor: One great thing about wedding cakes is that you aren’t limited to just one type. If you’re feeling indecisive after sampling a few different cakes, you may want to consider a stacked layer cake with different cakes making up the layers. You’ll be happy, and so will your guests.

Shop around for bakers: Wedding cakes are a serious business, and you should treat it as such. When you meet potential bakers, ask to see their cake portfolio. This can give you an idea of the styles and types of cakes they’ve created in the past. Ask them if they’re willing to make a custom design if this is something you’re after, and always ask how much each additional thing will cost. If you found a baker you love but not their price, barter. Tell them a baker across town is willing to make something similar for less, but that you’d really like to work with them. They may lower their prices after your flattery.

Plan ahead: Bakers need plenty of notice to create your masterpiece, so make sure you order your cake at least 2-3 months before the wedding.

Get it in writing: You don’t want to come in a few weeks before the wedding to learn that the baker is creating your cake all wrong and have nothing in writing to reference. Once you both decide on what is going to be created, write it all down and have

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