The Best Romantic Celtic Valentine’s Day Gifts

As we’re weathering the cold bluster of January, you can look forward to the warm, loving glow of February 14th, which is just around the corner. Whether you and your sweetie go all out for this special day or if you simply want to let them know how much they mean to you, nothing says “I love you” better than Celtic gifts. Unique, elegant and timeless, gifts like various pieces of Celtic jewelry are sure to delight anyone from wives to mothers to sisters and even certain gentleman. Here are some of the best Celtic Valentine’s Day gifts and why they are perfect for that special someone.

Celtic Love Knot Ring – Nothing screams love like a diamond. Combine a diamond ring with the beautiful Celtic love knot design and you have a gift that will be cherished forever. Celtic diamond love knot rings are unique in that the knot design represents the eternity of love, as the knot’s design has no beginning and no end.

Heart Shaped Pendent with Trinity Knot – Hearts have been the symbol of Valentine’s Day since its inception, and the shape is known throughout every language in the world to represent love, whether it’s romantic love, friendship or the love between family. As noted above, the Celtic Trinity knot represents eternity, and when that shape is set inside a heart and can hang from a delicate chain, the pendent becomes a lovely way to celebrate Celtic history and love in all forms.

Trinity Knot Pearl and Diamond Earrings – Sometimes the most elegant pieces of jewelry are the most simple and understated, and this gorgeous pair of earrings fits that bill. Austere white gold Trinity knots drop down into perfectly round cultured pearls to create a refined overall look. Those who prefer simpler pieces of jewelry will appreciate these earrings, as they won’t hang down too long and get in the way. They are ideal for Valentine’s Day, especially as a gift to a mother or grandmother.

These gifts can be worked into any Valentine’s Day plans, whether it’s a romantic dinner out at your favorite restaurant with your beloved or sending something to your sister across the country to let her know that she is loved. This February 14th, let everyone in your life know how much they mean to you.

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