Planning a Green-Themed Spring Wedding

Whether you just recently got engaged and are planning a wedding for next year or you just know that someday you’d like to be married in the spring, putting on a spring wedding can be a joyous and beautiful occasion. If you want to incorporate an environmentally friendly theme into a spring time wedding, your choices of ways to do so are many. Read on to find out how to play up the season while keeping things sustainable.

Spring is a time of new beginnings and rebirth. It’s a wonderfully symbolic time to start your new life together, and your wedding can reflect that. To have things be green in both colors and consciousness, focus on the idea of plants and life.

Instead of having a bunch of cut flowers as centerpieces at your reception, think pots of fresh green grass shoots or plated bulbs of tulips. Not only will this ensure that no flowers had to give their lives for your wedding, but you can encourage the guests to take them home as souvenirs. Pick native flowers that live in the area in which your reception is held-you can even include little cards on the tables about the flowers and their properties.

Choose organic materials where possible. You can buy or find organic cotton table linens, and you can look for dresses for both the bride and bridesmaid in sustainable fabrics. If you can’t afford that option, looking for used or vintage clothes is always an environmentally friendly way to go.

To keep things on a spring theme, look for light, airy colors like yellows, pale greens and blues and pastels like pink. The groom and groomsmen can still wear traditional black attire but use whatever spring colors are chosen to accent their look in their ties and cummerbunds.

Having food that reflects spring and is also sustainable is a breeze. Like the flowers, try and work with a caterer who cooks with in-season ingredients. Things are bursting into bloom in the spring, and you want tables full of food that reflects that. Fresh vegetables, light fair and sparkling beverages scream spring, and if you keep things local, you’re being environmentally conscious as well.

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