The Best Celtic Wedding Bands For Today’s Man

Many men are looking for more style than a typical, plain gold wedding band can provide, but feel there are not many other options for them in today’s marketplace. If your groom is of Celtic ancestry, you might enjoy showing him all the best Celtic wedding band designs that are available.

These wedding bands offer a lot more style, richness of detail, and even symbolism, than the expected plain gold band. In fact, some Celtic wedding bands are embossed or engraved with timeless symbols of strength, loyalty, and faithfulness. By offering your groom some original, exquisitely handcrafted options for fine wedding bands with a Celtic feel, you can give him the style and individuality he craves.

Remember, your groom will wear his ring every day of his life, to celebrate his commitment to you. If he chooses an authentic Celtic wedding band, he will find the timeless nature of the symbols and design a source of pleasure his entire life.

You may also decide to choose a matching Celtic wedding band of your own. Creating a coordinated look for both of you can contribute to the look and theme of your wedding, and it makes for lovely wedding photos as well.

Valentine’s Day can be the perfect opportunity to help your groom choose the perfect wedding band, especially if you are planning a spring or summer wedding. We’ve compiled a quick guide to the best choices for authentic Celtic wedding bands, complete with some insight into the history and meaning of the symbols found on the designs.

Celtic Shield Wedding Band – For thousands of years, the Irish have been world-renowned for their artistry in metalwork. One fine example of this skill is found in the intricate symbols engraved upon the Ardagh Chalice, a large silver and gilt chalice discovered in Limerick during the eighth century.

The symbols found on this masterpiece are echoed in the engraving you will find on your own, Celtic Shield wedding band. From the most stunning examples of metalwork, crafted during the Insular Art Period, you can trace the history and spiritual tradition of the Celtic people. Celtic shield wedding bands feature shield decorations, and symbols of faith, loyalty, and strength. These rings are fashioned of sterling silver, and they are an unexpected, affordable choice for today’s man.

Claddagh Wedding Rings – If your groom to be is of Irish ancestry, a sumptuous gold Claddagh ring will be a romantic choice for his wedding band. Many Irish men, and others of Celtic origin, opt for a Claddagh ring on their wedding day, rather than a simple gold band. The Claddagh ring is decorated with charming symbols of love, commitment, and loyalty.

The Claddagh story has captured the imagination of so many, and it continues to endure as an important part of Irish cultural history. In the story of the first Claddagh ring, a fisherman is kidnapped, far from his home, and forced to work for a goldsmith. The fisherman never forgets the woman he left behind, and he crafts a ring in her honor, bestowed with the symbols of their love.

A Claddagh ring features two tiny hands, clasping a crowned heart, and it is an excellent and individual choice for a men’s wedding band. Consider a sturdy, heavy gold Claddagh Ring for your own groom to be.

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