Yellow and White Gold Celtic Jewelry Designs: For Maximum Impact

If you are of Celtic heritage, you may be interested in the ancient symbols that are so prevalent in Celtic art, history, and culture. You may enjoy learning about the special meaning in your pendant, ring, or earrings, as you revel in the beauty of its handcrafted, intricate design. Celtic symbols come alive in yellow and white gold tones, when gleaming precious metals are used to wonderful effect, in order to display the meaningful symbols of days gone by.

The scrolls, whorls, and delicate knot work so prized by the Celtic people can be traced back to ancient times, when art treasures like the Irish Book of Kells were created by the master artists of Ireland. The beauty of your Celtic jewelry design comes from the spiritual resonance of the symbols, passed down through the ages. Knot work is meant to represent the endlessness of God’s love: the knots themselves are interconnected, and never-ending, and their very nature is meant to symbolize eternity, and the purity of eternal love that can never die.

White and yellow gold can come together beautifully in special pieces, such as the Ribbon of Life pendant, which features a gently curving, white gold ribbon, adorned with a row of glimmering diamonds. Inset at the bottom of the ribbon, a gold Trinity Knot rests, as a potent reminder of the faith and loyalty of the Celtic people. By mixing yellow and white tones together, the pendant takes on real richness and dimension. The Ribbon of Life Celtic pendant is truly a wearable piece of art, which combines modern design elements with the most appealing qualities of traditional, Celtic design.

Celtic cross pendants are also available in yellow and white gold, and they are precious symbols of faith. All over Ireland, Celtic crosses stand, reminding the Irish people of their roots. The Celtic Cross is thought to represent the four directions: east, west, north, and south, through its four points. The central, inlaid ring in each Celtic Cross is believed to symbolize eternity.

A Celtic Cross pendant that features a gleaming white gold ring, perhaps inlaid with tiny diamonds, and a yellow gold cross, combines tones to create a work of real beauty. The distinct parts of the cross stand out so well, when yellow and white gold are used in this way. As well, a shining emerald can decorate the center of the Cross, evoking the spirit of the Emerald Isle itself. A Celtic Cross pendant is a classic choice that you will never tire of wearing. It is also a modern choice, when white and yellow gold tones are used to add more style and impact to the traditional design.

The craftsmanship of Celtic jewelry, handmade by master artisans in Ireland itself, is shown to maximum impact when two tones are used together. If you are considering a special piece of Celtic jewelry that honors your ancestry, you may wish to consider a white and yellow gold pendant, ring, or earrings. You will be pleased with the way this modern combination enhances the ancient beauty and meaning of your Celtic design.