Surprise Celtic Engagement Ring: What size?

A wonderful way to propose to your girlfriend is with one of our Celtic engagement rings. Our Celtic diamond rings can be designed on our website by simply inputting the size you will need, the type of Celtic style you prefer and the metal option you would like (yellow gold, white gold, or platinum). The hardest part for most people is knowing what size of ring to purchase.
How can you find out your girlfriends ring size without her knowing? Here are a few tips that can help you slyly find out her ring size without her knowing:

    • Have her and a girlfriend swap rings for a laugh.

  • Casually swipe a ring she wears often to use it to determine the size.
  • Try telling her you want to buy your mother a ring for her birthday or holiday and you need her to try on a size because you suspect your mother has the same size fingers.
  • Ask one of her girlfriends to go shopping with her and conveniently drop by a jewelry store and have her try on a ring-size just for laughs.
  • Enlist the aid of someone else. If you do not want her to suspect something, choose someone that the conversation of rings, and thus ring sizes would come up naturally with.

It’s a tricky process to find out her ring size without her knowing, so do your best to keep a straight face if she suspects something!

We have several different Celtic diamond rings to choose from. Our Celtic engagement rings feature the love knot, Claddagh design, or traditional Celtic knot design representing eternity of life, nature and love. You can design your Celtic engagement ring with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. She will be sure to love it, and the surprise!