How to design your Celtic wedding invitations?

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. If you choose to have a Celtic themed wedding, you and your guests will be sure to enjoy a lasting memory of your heritage and love for one another.

One of the first parts of your wedding will be the wedding invitations. For a Celtic themed wedding, you have some wonderful options to design your invitations around, such as your Claddagh rings, or other Celtic wedding rings. Perhaps your bridesmaids are wearing Celtic jewelry to match the theme? You can incorporate almost any part of your Celtic heritage into your wedding invitation.

The Claddagh rings are a beautiful symbol of lasting love, eternal friendship, and loyalty. Your wedding invitation can feature the Claddagh symbol of a crown above two hands clasping a heart in the middle. You can use the Claddagh rings as the trim of your wedding invitation or even as a sticker to seal the envelope.

If you are wearing Celtic jewelry or your bridesmaids are wearing Celtic jewelry, try using the love knot symbol on your wedding invitations. The love knot is the tradition of hand-fastening in which the couple will have their hands wrapped together with fabric or rope. The love knot symbol represents eternal love. Garnish your wedding invitations with a Celtic love knot border. This is a great way to show your guests of your love for each other.

The best way to start designing your wedding invitation is to incorporate your Irish wedding bands into the theme of your wedding day. To go along with the love knot symbol, use ribbon and tie a knot around each invitation to show your guests how you are “tying the knot”.