Having an Uilleann Piper at your Celtic Wedding

If you are planning on having a Celtic wedding, one way to incorporate your Irish heritage into the ceremony is to have an Uilleann piper at your wedding. The Uilleann pipes are beautiful, complex, ancient, mysterious, and sacred.

Treat your guests arriving early to music played by the Uilleann pipe as a prelude to the wedding. An appropriate tune would be the recessional played at the end of your ceremony. Uilleann pipes have a much sweeter, gentler tone than other instruments you might have heard before. They are a perfect way to set a beautiful mood. Uilleann pipes are played from a sitting position unlike the bagpipes that are played from a standing position or while marching.

Select Irish music to be played at your Celtic ceremony such as “The Irish Wedding Song”, or “She Moved through the Fair”. Both songs are quite popular at Celtic themed weddings.

Many couples will select a song that means something to them for their first dance song. “The Irish Wedding Song” is a perfect song to play at this time as it has a lovely air and beautiful words. Have copies of the song placed on the dinner tables so your guests can read the words while they enjoy watching you and your new spouse enjoy your first dance together as a married couple.

The possibilities for your wedding reception are endless. There are many Irish melodies you can have played, or you can incorporate the Uilleann pipe into more modern music. Check into your family’s history and see what songs were played at Celtic weddings preceding yours. You will discover that the Uilleann pipe will bring a wealth of tenderness, passion, and beauty to your wedding.