Tips for Planning a Season-Themed Wedding

Are you a summer time person? Do you get cold if the temperature drops below 70 degrees, and do you daydream about lying on the beach, drink in hand? Or perhaps you crave cold, frosty air, and look forward to Christmas like you were still a 5-year-old child hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus.

Seasonal-themed weddings are a wonderful way to celebrate during your favorite time of year, or a perfect way to re-create and channel the season that you love best, like a summer-themed wedding in December.

Spring: Spring is considered the time of new beginnings and rebirth around the world. Plants are blooming, and you can practically smell the love in the air. Depending where you live around the globe, spring might be bright and sunny, or it could be cold, dark and snowy. If you identify with spring’s cheeriness and hopeful possibilities, you can incorporate that into your wedding celebration.

When one thinks of spring, the color green, flowers in bloom and even baby animals come to mind. Holidays like Easter happen in spring, and if you are choosing to get married in a church, you might be able to get the Easter decorations from the church to be used in your wedding. A springtime menu should be a breeze to plan. Think fresh young vegetables, fruits like strawberries, rhubarb and apricots, and decadent chocolate Easter cake.

Summer: Summer is one of the most popular times of the year to get married, because the weather is warm, the days are long, and even for working adults, summer can still feel like a carefree time. You can easily channel the feeling of summer, whether it’s 85 or 35 degrees outside. If you want things to feel like summer, you need, bright, bright, bright. Dazzling colors like yellow, orange and bright blue can be theme colors for your reception.

You could serve tropical drinks, or even have a BBQ dinner menu. Your bridal party could be decked out in vibrant shades, and if you are choosing to hold the ceremony outdoors, a shorter, more casual wedding dress would be perfect for capturing the vibe of the season.

Fall: What comes to mind when you think of fall? Beautiful reds and orange leaves fluttering to the ground, pumpkins, crisp air, apple cider, Halloween…Fall is a beautiful time of year, and can be a perfect time for weddings because in hotter climates the weather has finally died down to a manageable temperature.

Some people live for Halloween. If you are one of them, you can have black and orange be central colors for your wedding. You could even go so far as to ask guests to attend the wedding in costume, or maybe just wear masks to the reception. Serving a fall menu could be as simple as adhering to a traditional Thanksgiving fare, from turkey to pumpkin pie. Have apples adorning the tables as centerpieces, and you could even spend a day before the wedding wandering around with friends, gathering fall leaves for decoration.

Winter: “Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the wedding inside is so delightful.” This whimsical spin on an old Christmas carol can easily hold true for your wedding. Whether you have snow on the ground outside or not, you can easily make your wedding a winter wonderland. For Christmas fanatics, this could be very simple. Choose colors in greens and reds. Have flowers and plants like poinsettias, mistletoe and holly in the church and reception area. Have little boxes of wrapped presents on the tables, with Christmas lights draped everywhere.

If you are looking more for a general “winter wonderland” type of theme, just think white. White decorations, white flowers, white candles, white lights…the possibilities are endless. So the bride still stands out in her white dress, dress the wedding party in a dark, contrasting color like dark green, or black.

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