Top 7 Tips to Creating an Organized Wedding Checklist

You sit there, head in hands, dreaming about that beautiful day when you and the one you love will finally be joined for the rest of your life. You imagine flowers, candles, all of your family and friends smiling and clapping as you sit there with a thrilled smile on your face…and suddenly your eyes snap open, you break into a cold sweat as you realize how much time, work and planning is going to go into making that fantasy a reality. Take a deep breath, try and relax, and read on for seven helpful tips to get you organized and sailing stress-free into your day of “I do’s.”

1-Find a mentor. In this shaky economy, it may be tough to find extra room in your wedding budget to hire a wedding planner. Don’t fret if you can’t spring for this, but don’t try and shoulder all the organizing of your to-do list on your own. Your first step to getting moving on a wedding checklist is to find someone who has been there and done that. Maybe it’s your mother or future mother in law, a friend who got married years ago, or just the friend of a friend who really knows her way around the wedding business and loves to give advice. Sitting down with them and having a brainstorm session is the right way to begin.

2-Buy a binder. Whether you buy a pre-made wedding checklist binder online or just get your basic 3-ring binder from the store, you will need one for keeping tabs on all the different categories of planning you’ll be doing. Having a physical organizer is the first step to being organized.

3-Break down the categories. Think long and hard about all the things you need and want for your wedding. These can include: Facility, Caterer, Menu, Bartender, DJ/Band, Decorations, Flowers, Rings, Marriage License, Photographer and the list goes on depending on how simple or lavish you’re planning your wedding to be.

4-Communicate with your partner. You can’t be organized and move forward with planning a wedding if you and your beloved aren’t on the same page. Have a talk beforehand on what you’re both picturing for your big day, and make sure you’re in constant communication as you move forward in the process.

5-Create goals and stick to them. One great way to ensure that your wedding checklist is going to make things as easy as you as you’re hoping it will is to make little goals along the way. Set dates that you’ll have certain tasks accomplished by (say, booking the florist and caterer) and stick to them.

6-Keep things neat and tidy. You are probably going to end up stashing brochures, notes and pamphlets galore in your binder, so every month or so, clean up shop. Recycle any papers that you’re not going to need to reference again, and keep that practice up so you’re not having to sift through useless information every time you’re looking for something.

7-Be realistic. If you’re creating your wedding checklist and trying to work in everything you’ve always dreamed about, think long and hard about how all of that is going to fit in with your budget. You can’t stay organized and on top of things if you’re planning on spending money well beyond your means.

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