New Silver Celtic Jewelry: As low as $38

Now that the spectacle of the U.S. presidential election is past, it’s time to look to the future. Though hopes grow stronger by the day that the current financial crisis will ease due to a change in command, most people are still spending cautiously and watching world markets with real wariness. Christmas is just around the corner, and it may be time to think about some economical, yet truly meaningful, gifts for your family and friends.

You should consider sterling silver Celtic Jewelry if you are interested in affordable gift-giving ideas that have true history and symbolism. Sterling silver is beautiful, and it shows up the intricacy of Celtic design features very well. If you are of Irish, Scottish, or Welsh heritage, you may find the intricate knot work and Claddagh features of Celtic designs really evoke your spirit.

Gold is beautiful, but expensive: you can simulate the sophisticated look of white gold with Celtic designs crafted of sterling silver. There are so many choices in handcrafted, genuine Celtic jewelry: pendants, rings, earrings, and wedding bands are some examples of affordable choices that will make Christmas shopping easy.

If you are familiar with Claddagh rings, you’ll know that the romantic Claddagh story remains timeless today, and integral part of the Irish storytelling tradition. If you have never heard the story of the Claddagh, you will find it inspiring: an Irish fisherman, Robert Joyce, was kidnapped by a goldsmith, who forced him to work in the foundry, far away from his homeland. Joyce left behind a woman he loved deeply, and, to symbolize his undying love for her, he crafted a special ring, featuring two tiny hands holding a crowned heart, to honor their love.

The Claddagh rings of today can be worn in two ways, with the crown turned in or out, to show one’s romantic availability. There are also silver Claddagh birthstone rings with colorful, jeweled heart centers, and a host of other designs that incorporate the spirit of Joyce in today’s world.

If you are interested in more traditional Celtic knot work that references ancient art treasures like Ireland’s Book of Kells, you can find a host of wonderful examples, all crafted of fine sterling silver. From the Trinity Love Knot pendant, with a shining pearl, to the Ribbon of Life pendant, with it’s row of small diamonds, there is something for every taste.

A new era has begun for America: the economy may rebound in the days and months ahead. For now, we must all be cautious with our spending, and approach the coming Christmas season in a practical manner. There is no need to sacrifice beauty and style when you choose sterling silver jewelry with Celtic flair: you can be sure that your affordable gift will be as well-loved and cherished as anything else you might have chosen.

When you buy sterling silver Claddagh rings and other Celtic jewelry, be sure to choose a dealer who handcrafts and assays their jewelry in Ireland itself: you can then be assured of the authenticity of your choice.