Top 6 Tips for Planning an Ireland Destination Wedding

Destination weddings can be an amazing way to exchange vows. Not only are you traveling to a different setting then you find yourself in every day, but your guests are getting to see a part of the country or world they have never been to before. If you are of Irish heritage or perhaps just appreciate the rich history and beauty of the Emerald Isle, you may want to consider planning an destination wedding to Ireland. The following tips will help guide you in creating your Ireland dream wedding.

1-Network. If you are fortunate, you have at least one family member or friend who lives in Ireland. They can be an invaluable resource in helping you chose your venue and locating caterers, florists and bands. If you don’t currently know anyone living in Ireland, the Internet is going to be a valuable way to network. Join message board groups, search tourism websites, e-mail people and ask as many questions are you can. While you may not find someone who is willing to scurry around doing your dirty work for you, you can at least get local opinions on any options you are considering.

2-Book your flights as soon as possible. With the economy the way it is, airline prices are going to do nothing up continue to rise. If you know well in advance what dates you want to travel, encourage your guests to book their tickets as early as a year in advance. They and you can save a significant amount of money that way.

3-Be realistic. If you have always wanted a huge, extravagant wedding, you may need to re-think your priorities. If you are paying to travel to another country, that is going to eat up a significant portion of your wedding fund. The money you would be putting toward creating a lavish wedding in your hometown is going to be put partially toward travel and hotel accommodations. Realize that you may have to settle for a more modest wedding than you had originally thought.

4-Be clear on your venue preference. Because you may be planning a wedding from across an ocean, do a good amount of research on venue types available in Ireland. Once you are clear on how many guests are coming and what site type preference you have, you can start narrowing down your choices. Always wanted to get married in a historical Irish church? There are hundreds in Ireland, so know what specifics are important to you.

5-Create a helpful list for guests. For many of your family and friends, this might be their first trip to Ireland. Put together a travel guide suggesting local restaurants, pubs, places to see and events happening during their stay. They will undoubtedly appreciate having suggestions on things to see and do. Suggesting hotel accommodations is very helpful as well.

6-Try for a trial run. If at all possible, try to get to Ireland sometime before the wedding If you and your fiancée set a wedding date for one to two years from your engagement, you should try and save some money to book a ticket to Ireland to scope things out. While you can do a very good job planning a wedding from another country, it would help immensely to be able to go and scope out venue sites in person, as well as meet with caterers and listen to local bands.

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  1. Ireland is a spectacular country. It would be a wonderful place to get married!

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