Celtic Pendants and Necklaces – The Five Best Picks For You!

Necklaces are an easy way to add a touch of style and individuality to even the simplest outfit: they also draw the eye upward, highlighting your facial features and hair. If you are interested in Celtic jewelry, you may find a necklace an ideal starting point for a collection of special pieces that honor your heritage. There are some stunning options in necklaces that really stand out: Celtic jewelry is rich with detail, and its symbolism and historical significance really add to its impact.

Your Celtic necklace can become a treasured item, and a great conversation piece as well – no matter how simple or ornate you prefer your jewelry to be, there will be something perfect for you. Here is a quick list of the five most appealing designs available in Celtic pendants:

Crosses: There are a wide variety of crosses available, from the traditional Celtic Cross, to the Trinity Knot cross, to the more uniquely Irish St. Bridget’s Cross and Claddagh Cross. Whatever you choose, you will be wearing an important symbol of Celtic faith and spirituality. Celtic Cross pendants come in a variety of finishes, including yellow and white gold, as well as the more affordable sterling silver. Crosses will be decorated with delicate, classical knot work, and can also feature precious stones like emeralds and diamonds. Claddagh crosses will feature tiny hearts.

Ribbons of Life: The Ribbon of Life pendant is a celebration of life itself, and its gentle, curving lines are feminine and pleasing to the eye. The Celtic Ribbon of life pendant features a row of tiny diamonds that twinkle against the intricate design: in the center of each ribbon, a Trinity knot rests, symbolizing eternity.

Claddagh Pendants: Claddagh pendants reveal the romantic tale of Robert Joyce, an Irish fisherman who was kidnapped by a goldsmith, hundreds of years ago, and forced to work for him, far away from the woman he loved. In her honor, he made a special ring, featuring a crowned heart held by two tiny hands, to honor his undying faithfulness to her; a Claddagh pendant is an original way to wear the special symbols of the Claddagh.

Trinity Knot Pendants: The Trinity Knot represents the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Trinity Knot pendants are often adorned with a single cultured pearl that hangs below that delicate knot work. Trinity pendants can be purchased in silver, yellow, or white gold. This symbol is one the most sophisticated, subtle Celtic designs.

Shamrocks: Saint Patrick used a shamrock to represent the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit: he used the shamrock to illustrate the way God is in everything around us. A Shamrock pendant, studded with tiny diamonds, is a charming way to show everyone that you are proud of your Irish ancestry; it is also a symbol of faith and love.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Celtic pendants and their history and meaning. You can cherish an authentic Celtic design as long as you make sure it is handcrafted and assayed in Ireland.